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  • Location: Saddle River,Bergen,NJ
  • Cost: $88 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Bad "Equipment and its software quality is subpar :-/"
Overall "If you're looking to save more than $100/mo for 90% of the useabilty of another provider...Joo got it, mang."
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Connection Reliability:
Value for money:

Only three days into my service, I must say, ALL IS WELL! I initially went shopping for another triple play provider when i realized i was paying around $240/mo with FiOS and Vonage combined and not even watching ANY of my premium movie channels or other services. They gave me the FiOS special of $69.99 for a triple play...which turns out to be around $83 in reality...I gave pre sales information a 4/5 because they didn't mention that i get a free ipod touch with signup...even though its positive news, i still don't like surprises..even good ones Installation scheduling was horrible, the tech was around 7 hours late, but hey, I'm not a CEO so i waited around and had a "I'm saving $150/mo" smile on my face the whole time. I'll update more in the future. The only thing I find annoying so far is that my Optimum.net online account management system is pretty useless to setup if you're not on your home network which you aren't always able to be. Can't go wrong with cablevision. I'm very happy I switched so far.

Happy New Year!!

UPDATE: Hola, I've had the service for a week now and all is well. Minor things I've already mentioned...your optimum.net account is pretty much useless in every way unless you're on your own home network...except for programming your DVR from anywhere. NO wireless router which I noticed a few days ago....that could be a pain seeing as the good ones are around $80. I changed the ORDER TO SUCCESS date from 7 days to 2 because the remaining 5 days was because of my own scheduling. Their availabilty around the Christmas holiday was amazing. It was me who wasn't available. Blame it on the eggnog I also adjusted my total bill (before taxes) to $88 from 82 because of I don't know what...that's just how much my bill is. We can call it my monthly donation to cablevision. Overall I'm 90% satisfied which is pretty darn good for the money. Cheers. -Shawn

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