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  • Location: Darien,Fairfield,CT
  • Cost: $106 per month (4 month contract)
Good "Fast Internet, unlimited phone"
Bad "DVR Usless"
Overall "stay away"
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·AT&T U-Verse
Updated 4/30/2013

Little wile seance I was disconnected but hear is how it went. Rep. on the phone tells me that there DVR never has issues and he can send a tech out to fix it, as well as for an additional charge give me more DVR storage space. When I tell him no he then said that he would through in the DVR storage space for free. When my answer is no again the price goes down to $75 month and then $60 with a free upgrade to the TV package. My answer was still no. The techs. who came out to disconnect were very good and even removed the drop form my house for me. Someday I may go with internet and phone only with CV if I ever decide to get all of my TV over the internet.

Update 2/23/2013

Ok, last Friday ((2/15/2013) when I called about a DVR issue, I was told that I would receive a call from the DVR team this week. Not so, still no call from the DVR team. The space on the DVR is already almost filled with very little recording. I have given them a fair chance and will now be switching back to AT&T at a better price, would rather live with slightly slower internet than with a "broken" DVR. It is a shame because if Cablevision management wanted to they could deliver a much better product hear. They have a great front line staff who works hard and does a good job, no complaints about the installer, customer service reps I spoke to, or the sales man.

Review (2/18/2013)

Sales guy told me don't worry Cablevision has fixed all of the issues with DVR plus. Not the case, on day 1 the DVR was out of service. Day 2 it was "working" but still had all of the old issues people were complaining about when it first came out. Cable advertises no contract but yet you need to stay with them for so many months to get your start up charges back.

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