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Review by banditz71 See Profile

  • Location: Aubrey,Denton,TX
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "FAST ..... Reliable ..... 8 - 10MB Down / 2 - 2.9 Up ..... Awesome Support"
Bad "NONE!!"
Overall "Dumped AT&T DSL (6MB) / Phone Service for 10MB Wireless and Vonage....Same or less per month."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Just saying, " The Best Out There ", pretty much tells the story. Professional, quick installation.....it was $260 but you get quality in return. And in regards to support, it doesn't get any better.

As mentioned above, I was running AT&T DSL Elite (6MB)(Tested around 5125 / 650) and was very happy with it....especially the $30/mo cost. But, being the way I am, when I found out there was faster available, I jumped on it. And, by switching to Vonage, my monthly cost will remain the same or even be a tad less.

Speeds tests have been running between 8 - 10MB down......and 2 - 2.9MB up ....... and what's even better, new/faster wireless equipment is in the works. I'm less than a mile from the antenna, so I'm getting a great connection. Now, I did pay an extra $250 for the upgraded "business class" radio.......but even with the standard radio and the $69.95 package, you'll see speeds up to 8MB or so. The standard package runs $49.95 and offers 4MB / 1MB .

In short, if you are in the North Texas area and can get a signal from Speed of Light Broadband, I'd highly recommend them!

UPDATE - 7/28/2008 : After a year and a half, things are still running GREAT!! As mentioned above, speeds are 8 to 10MB Down and 2 to 2.9MB Up......and the connection is rock solid!!

UPDATE - 7/23/2009 : After 2.5 years, I can STILL say things are running GREAT!! Even had a small boast in speeds a few months back. Highly recommended!

UPDATE - 11/9/2010 : Still running rock solid.

UPDATE - 8/4/2011 : STILL excellent / reliable service! We're getting it installed at our business ( 8 mi. west of Sanger ) on Saturday.....replacing our 3MB CenturyLink DSL.

UPDATE - 7/13/2014 : When 24MB ATT Uverse became available here at the house (in Aubrey), I went ahead and made the change....I've since upgraded to their 45MB package. But, we're still running Speed of Light out at our business ( 8 mi. west of Sanger ) and it has been running GREAT! Next to NO down time.....and speeds are consistent between 8 and 10MB.....which is great for being that far out of town. I still highly recommend Speed of Light Broadband!

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