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Review by Crusty See Profile

  • Location: Sanger,Denton,TX
  • Cost: $165 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Quick, easy install. Good up/down speeds. Great latency. Fantastic support."
Bad "Very low caps unless you want to pay much more $$$$."
Overall "I dropped CTL for SOLBroadband. Plan to stay with them for sometime."
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Connection reliability:
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Update - 5-22-12

While the speeds are generally stable and consistent @ 8+Mb, I'm no longer able to stream Vudu/Netflix/YouTube @ HD. When I run multiple speed tests, they all show speeds that support HD streaming but when I go to the websites/services, I'm not able too. It seems like these sites are being throttled back from SOL. This started occuring after a complete outage on one of the towers about a month ago.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

Like the above says, I dropped my previous DSL provider, CenturyLink, due to issues that hadn't been addressed for more than a year. In doing my research as to what other internet provider I could go to, I was/am literally limited to DSL only (cable isn't even ran on my side of the street). I had received some flyers on my door from SOL but at the time I was looking to dump CTL, I couldn't recall who they were.

I finally found www.solbroadband.com and made a few phone calls to inquire about service. My main need - steady, fast, reliable connection for online gaming with the occasional HD movie stream but mainly for gaming and internet browsing.

As other reviewers have mentioned, SOL has very, VERY low caps. This was the one of the reasons behind the low rating on value for the money. My family enjoys Netflix and Vudu movies but at the initial cap of 30gb in 30 days, I knew that I would chew through that pretty easily. So the plan I chose is the highest business account and I get 90gb a month of data useage. What drove me to this plan was when i went back and looked at my previous years worth of data each month, while I averaged about 20-25gb a month, there were a few months were I shot up to 70-80.

Other reason for the lower value for money rating is overall speed. While 8Mb is decent, I'd still like to have 10+ so that my family can get a decent shared speed on my network at the house. Note - no matter what time of day, i get nearly my full 8Mb...like 7900+ the entire time.

The support I've received is far superior to anytime I had to call into CTL support. The first 10 or so days of my go live were a bit rough but the VP and numerous other folks were in direct communication with me about my issues. Once they had it nailed down to the issue, it was quickly resolved and I've been very stable since.

Yes, the price is high compared to fixed line. However, compared to what I had previously, or lack there of, I don't mind paying it. I'm super excited to be able to enjoy the internet again. Whether it's online gaming, browsing or watching an HD movie on Vudu.

The plan I'm on won't be for all folks and some willl scouf at the price of it. Overall I'm very satisfied with the plan and provider. I look forward to continued use and to the day that they "bump" up the speeds and data throughput without increasing my cost. That would be awesome.


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