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Review by Grumpy See Profile

  • Location: NW CT
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Reliability"
Bad "Calling the providor is hit or miss"
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Value for money:

Still with AT&T DSL since first post here. Rock solid reliability, and pricing that has fallen over the years. The Comcast vs. SBC (now AT&T) rivalry has been good for the consumer.

The early days brought some frightening telephone exchanges from SNET, as it seemed the sales reps couldn't get on the same page. Our local forum here reported a wide variety of price offerings. Some got great deals and re-upped for new customer pricing incentives, and others got the high prices. Price tiers seemed to depend upon who answered the phone at SBC and was willing to click the right check box on the order screen? Weird.

Haven't had to call in for a while. Hopefully it's better now.


Spring of 2009 -- Still with AT&T DSL. It's still very reliable. No complaints.


Spring of 2011. Dropping our AT&T land line and DSL. Going to try Comcast cable internet and rely upon our cell phones. Me - Pageplus cellular with it's hard to believe 2 am wake up texts to tell me my credit card doesn't work, followed by a 2:15 am text wake up call to tell me it did work on auto replenish. I'm off to Boost when the current pageplus expires. Pageplus attitude - what's wrong with a 2 am wake up text? My wife - already a Boost customer.

A little OT - dropped Boost like a hot 'tater less than a month after starting. The Boost coverage is dismal around here. Only Sprint towers, without the usual and customary Verizon towers service normal Sprint service offers. Back to page Plus and happy with them. A phone call to the right person shut off the 2 am page Plus re-up texts. Too bad that took 3 or 4 Page Plus reps to figure out for me. The first 3 thought the wee hour texts were unstoppable.

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