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Review by Lauriel See Profile

  • Location: Sacramento,Sacramento,CA
  • Cost: $47 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Decent uptime. Customer service is friendly. Price is decent."
Bad "Tier 1 tech support not knowledgeable."
Overall "After 7 years, they are okay, but not great."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

SBC Yahoo is my third DSL service provider. (My first one stopped offering DSL and I decided to make the change from the second after hearing good things about SBC.) The order placement was easy. Customer service was fast and I received my SpeedStream 5100 modem sooner than expected. I was able to start using the service prior to my actual "install date", but at a lower speed than I purchased until the install date, at which time I called to verify with them, and my speed went up to where it should be. My contract is for 12 months at 47.99 per month for 1.5-3.0 Mbps down and 384Kbps up. My service has been in place now for a few months and I've had no problems. I spoke with tech support once when I first got the service to verify with them my service start date so I could receive the proper bandwidth. The Tier 1 tech support people are trained only to read from a script, but don't have a lot of actual knowledge of the tech issues. Unfortunately, even if you know exactly what you need, they are required to ask a lot of questions that may have nothing to do with why you're calling. Once getting past the Tier 1, it's fine--no script--just talking to a regular tech person. But, the customer service is also very friendly and there is not a long wait for calls to be answered.

I installed my own service. That went smoothly. As seems par for the course with most ISP's, there is a disk with lots of extras that I didn't necessarily want, but that's okay. I just didn't install it. My idea of having an ISP is simply that--to provide a connection to the Internet. I don't need or want all the "bells and whistles" so to speak. I have a dynamic IP. It's a PPPoE connection. The modem (SpeedStream 5100) and two machines using the service are hooked up to a Netgear RP614. Occasionally I need to recycle the modem, but the service has been good. I've experienced no downtime. I'm getting about 5.0Mbps down and 500Kbps up all the time. Uptime has been great. I've paid the same for less in the past.

There have also been no money/billing problems. It's all been what was agreed upon from the initial order contact. I've been happy with the service and have no hesitation recommending it.


I've had AT&T service for about 7 years now. All in all, it's been pretty good. There was an incident that required some pushing. I reported it twice as an Internet connectivity issue. I finally learned to report it as a TELEPHONE service issue rather than an INTERNET service issue. As soon as I did that, the problem (which required digging) got handled. When I reported it as an Internet issue, I was told it must be my set up.

Since then, I have moved to a new house, but in the same general area. I took my service with me, and it's been working fine. I needed to replace my modem recently, but it was the original modem, so that was no surprise to me when it began failing.

My current charges are $40.00 per month for the same speed I originally ordered.

I am hoping that upgrades to the infrastructure in our area will bring more options, such as fiber and faster dsl service. At this time, it is somewhat limited.

UPDATE (5/13/11:)

As of 5/11/11, I have switch my service to AT&T U-Verse Max (12/1.5) service. I moved to a new home a few miles away one year ago, and have found that I have more and more trouble getting the speeds for which I was paying with the ADSL service. At the new home, it turns out that my distance from the CO is 13,200 feet. Even when I lowered my service, though, to the 3.0 Mbps down service, I was only attaining about 1.0 down. I was informed by one of the techs that, along with my distance issue, the CO was quite overloaded. After looking into both U-Verse and Comcast Cable, I decided to go with U-Verse. It's giving me much better speeds to help accommodate the increased streaming I am doing now.

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