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Review by The Dord See Profile

  • Location: Belleville,Wayne,MI
  • Cost: $43 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Latency is OK."
Bad "150gb cap forces me to play sub HD videos and not download any PSN games"
Overall "Get if you're only casual user--other than that, stay away."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I ordered the 1.5mb speed for $34 (January 2005) .. The install and setup went smoothly. My speed went down once during the last major thunderstorms, but a quick unplug and plugin made it come back to full speed. They were nice about upgrading me to 3.0mb speed (March 2005) for $29 a month, its a great deal if your area can get the speed.

1st Update: I'm at 6.0mb speed now. (August 2008) My old 2wire died last month. They've eliminated the need of installing any software. It's almost plug-in-play.

2nd Update: I had to get a new modem since the other one died quickly after I got it. Doing alright every since.

3rd Update: Finding out 2wire wireless routers suck for gaming. Have to go to the wireless 'B' band to play or it will reset itself. (August 2010) Waiting to get some money so I can get the Netopia WiFi Router, but heard it was hard for non-business DSL customers to get. Router susceptible to DNS problems and retraining.

4th Update: Got a replacement 2wire modem (about 2 weeks ago), not a lot of issues so far other than the typical DNS issues AT&T has with 2wire.

5th Update: Speed not as consistent as I'd like. (Nov. 10 2011)

6th Update: Prince increase for April 2012 now at $43. :/ Not very happy that only AT&T DSL (no cable, or wireless data service ISPs) is the only thing available. Park won't let Comcast install their cables here and guess what? UVerse isn't coming here either. If i could move to a better area I could..

7th Update: And now hit with my first data cap overage e-mail. Wow, all I do is watch Streaming Video and read websites. Not cool.

I'm getting bored of 5-6mb download speeds in 2012 while everyone else in my county can pretty much get 10-25mb.

8th Update: After buying a Pace Wireless Gateway in December, things are working decently but I wish faster speed uVerse was around. Was given a $10 discount per month on my bill for 12 months after having to buy the router from them. (Bought the extra insurance too.)

9th Update: I'm thinking that my wireless unit inside the gateway is going out since on a semi daily basis I have to manually reset my gateway to re-establish wifi connections. Posted on att direct to see if I have to replace it after owning it for 9 months (9/8/2013)

10th Update: This 150gb data cap is a PITA! After this month, I'll be charged $10!!! per 50 gb for any data after the cap! The only reason I am with AT&T is because its either this or satellite (yuck). (3/4/2015)

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