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Review by jadebangle See Profile

  • Location: Olathe,Johnson,KS
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "at&t shady business practice need to be taken seriously, their employee are run by monkey"
Bad "billing are the worst of all, csr rude and won't make any correction"
Overall "avoid dsl, its a ripoff. slow and costly upfront and after cancelling service"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

5/2: att dsl is not needed now and even if i do need it
im not going to pay them 66 dollars that they say i owe oh ok whatever^^
their service is trash and their CSR is rude and stubborn.
the kind of ppl they hve working are low intelligence
illiterate and a waste of human resource
fire al of them!!!

billing is a serious problem with this company ATT formerly SBC
anyway... they seem to bill you excessively
let say you end service on 1/1/2011 but they go ahead and bill you in full for the month of january and february
that to me is absurd and the CSR doing this need to investigated for their shill billing!!!
he or she is charging extra and is not right...
this company is beginning to suck more and more everday
ummmmmmmmmm dont expect good service from ATT
all they want is money and could careless if they do a bad job
its disappointing
i suppose i be billed 3 months if i used say only 10 day and cancel service
that what they do!! even thought i have no contract and on month to month service
in other word they punish you with a few more month extra billing
that to me is shady buisness practice and illegal
anyone would be upset
why owuld i pay for something i didn't use??????


because of their shady business practice of billing you 2 month in advance when you even haven't use up one month or partial yet is just ridiculous
i will never do business with them ever again. they are bad service and their tech support at the worst. sorry att conartist, i will not pay for something i did not use!
yes i talked to the csr about removing this error but the guy was arrogant and insist that i pay!

Update:3/8/09 att billing are horrible and these csr are just pathetic, some of them are mean. they were rude and treated me like i was a little child. they have billed me excessively after cancelling service and won't make any correction. just the kind of company you want to just shove in the trashcan and hope they cease to exist.

how can i be billed 90 dollars??? insane? since i cancelled before my billing date in mid of feb! so i am being bill in full for feb and march! i always hated att and their shady billing practice... its a pain to find a csr that would work with you, most of them are just arrogant they would bounce me around for like an hour i got fed up and just don't want to waste any of my time with these clown anymore.

Update 2/21/09 I have since dropped att dsl because its slow and I don't need it anymore download real fast... upload real slow....and i hate that its a leechband a blood sucking connection. I will not come back anytime soon because I don't want to continue to fund these technology that are very behind the time and are like a floppy drive, obsolete.

Their was no usage cap for the last 10 years and if they do implement in the next 6 month or less it will only prove my point that they are getting worse. They say they will enforce cap but its too late by then the world is going fiber and nobody is gonna wait any longer. if i stick with them and they charge me outrageous fee for going over the limit its bye bye. we the consumer have a choice who say we have to have service with a company that would restrict our usage that was unlimited to begin with.
They are desperately trying to keep this ancient scrap copper based broadband from going under so the only that is going to keep it running is more money, more funding for these greedy company mean more profits and the same crap service that we will never see any improvement in the near future. Its like being on dialup at 28k or 56k indefinitely.

I been with att for 6 months and i can say that its ok lite usage but nothing impressive about it... the download is decent but the upload is pitiful.

Its not economical to have multiple broadband...two connection mean i need two computer to use it. three connection means i need 3 computer to use it. its a pain to bond multiple connection into one.

It is best to have just one that is fastest and cheapest.
If i wanted faster connection why not upgrade to 10/10 for 54.00 or 20/20 for 92.00 from surewest fiber optic which comes with digital tv and telephone service as well and cheaper too instead of paying more for less? We are comparing day and night

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