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Review by dellsweig See Profile

  • Location: Campbell Hall,Orange,NY
  • Cost: $24 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Features, Price, Service, Price, VoIp Experience"
Overall "Great"
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Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Price - cheaper than the cable VoiP offerings with more features. Not as cheap as a couple of the bargin outfits there but the features and reliability outwiegh the price on these.

reliable - I have been a Vonage customer (2 lines) for over 9 years now - over that time I can only think of one outage. VERY few issues over the years with Vonage specifically - I can say the majority of issues are ISP related or home router (QoS) related.

Features - unlimited calling to US, Canada, PR and 60 coutries for 24$ HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT.

iPhone - I can call to my ENTIRE vonage world from my iPhone WITHOUT using any carrier minutes using the free Vonage iPhone app - all included in my 24$ Vonage plan. I have an app for my iPhone that lets me setup simulring from my home number to my iPhone at the touch of a button. My vonage number is in my ATT calling circle so there is no charge on my cell for these calls.

Service: I have never had a problem with service. When my old Cisco ATA's (origional Vonage adapter) seemed to be getting old - I was upgraded at no charge, seamlessly to newer technology. The few times I have had to call support I had positive experience with support

Note: for those who continually complain about the taxes and fees charged by vonage - look at your cell bill or cable bill or electric bill

One more note: My entire cost for Vonage for a year is only a little more than ONE months cell bill - think about that!!!

Vonage is worth EVERY penny

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