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Review by bonorum See Profile

  • Location: Winston Salem,Forsyth,NC
  • Cost: $34 per month
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Works. Just upgraded to transcribed voicemail, wonderful."
Bad "about as expensive as land line now"
Overall "if I could find another reliable VOIP provider, I would be gone"
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Call Quality:
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Value for money:
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2010-08-29 update: Due to taxes and whatever, the bill has doubled to $34/mo. The service is fine, as long as TWC keeps the upstream bandwidth available (not always). One nice feature of Vonage (not sure if other providers have this) is that phone calls ring my cell phone if the cable is out at home. This is useful for screaming at TWC (which occasionally provides my Earthlink connection).

Original review:I have Vonage on Time Warner cable via Earthlink. They sent a Motorola voice terminal vt-1000v which I have positioned in front of my router recently. Router is Linksys WRT54G. Vonage worked fine behind router for voice, but not fax. I did port range forwards to the Vt and simply put it in DMZ. I recommend the DMZ since it is simpler (no ports to remember and key). I think early software did not DMZ properly so there were early complaints. With the router behind the VT, I lose a little speed, but I really don't notice it.

There is just no downside to this. I transferred my local number to Vonage. If the cable goes out (or power does), I use my cell phone. Vonage will automatically forward calls to it in case of physical network failure. That worked well when I was away from the house and the cable failed. I was able to call TW and report it and get it fixed without ever going home.

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