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Review by shawn744 See Profile

  • Location: Saddle River,Bergen,NJ
  • Cost: $30 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Bad "7 years later, getting to be expensive...."
Overall "Can do better with a triple play or MUCH better with a magic jack..."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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UPDATE: Okayyy, 7 years after my inital reviews, lots have changed. The once $14/mo plan that I was on with 500 minutes a month has changed to a mandatory unlimited $30/mo plan. Now being the same cost (if not more) than your cable company's triple play bundle. Ended up canceling two weeks ago for said triple play. Call quality and service was always superb. It was a good run. If I ever need voice service again, Vonage is where i'll go. **HINT** Too late for me now since I've signed a triple play agreement with my cable company but, if you're unhappy with your vonage costs, call and tell them you're canceling, and they'll offer you a $9.95/mo unlimited plan for LIFE! They really don't want to lose customers. Too bad I had already ported out my phone number. :-/ Cheers.

UPDATE: 8/3/05: My VONAGE service is still excellent! Only problem i have is that after i repositioned my Motorola MTA box after the router, i would get service interuptions which required a reboot of the box due to the box position.....this is an obvious flaw of the motorola box. I had to re-position the box to be before my router for smoother service. I'd still recommend VONAGE over any of the other VOIP providers.

UPDATE 12/26/04:

I just positioned my Motorola MTA box after the router. Now I have 100% of my bandwidth from my cable provider. And have amazing call quality while my broadband connection is maxed out.

I subscribed to VONAGE 3 months ago and I have to say that it's really amazing. First I was nervous because people were saying it's still in the developmental phase....but when I got it, I realized that it was better than my regular Verizon phone service.

Shipped to me in ONE day!

Never had ANY outages, call quality stay crisp and clear....no one ever says that I sound far away, or weird like I'm on speakerphone.

Only thing is, if you have the Motorola ATA box, and if you wire it in BEFORE any computers, DOWNLOAD speed gets cut in half....I'm on the way to changing the location of the Vonage box on the network to regain my lost bandwidth....I'D DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE TO ANYONE!

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