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Six Month Rating

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Review by jduffy See Profile

  • Location: Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH
  • Cost: $26 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Works very well, good value, a true replacement for old Ma Bell"
Bad "Delay when someone answers. Sometimes you cannot hear their hello. Indian Support"
Overall "Easy Set-up, Line Quality just as good as the Bell line it replaced"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
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In general, Vonage works very well. Their website is laid out very well and everything is easy to find. Call quality is excellent. Features are rich, though not as deep as some other vendors.

The Indian support is total crap. If you need to, call the executive response team at their corporate headquarters. They can get things done.

I only had one issue. The delay. Some people said it occurs when SimulRing is on. I don't have it on, yet when I call someone if they answer "hello" very quickly, I miss it. Sometimes when they call me there is a delay, I have gotten use to waiting two seconds before I say hello to insure they hear me answer. Supposedly Vonage is working on a solution and implementing it soon. There have been some minor short-term issues like voice breaking up, but they got it fixed quickly. All in all, I am happy so far.

The number porting went well as soon as I got the executive response team involved. It's an issue with matching up addresses perfectly.

I have now got my daughter on Vonage and the executive response team help get her number ported. She is also very happy. Being on a tight budget (recent college grad) she could only afford basic phone service from Bell. Now, for about the same money each month, she has all the features, plus long distance calling.

I highly recommend Vonage. God forbid you ever have to use the Indian call center for support. They are useless. Vonage is working on bringing some of the support back to New Jersey. I look forward to that, but frankly, once the numbers were ported, we have not needed any support.

Update 02/28/09 - My daughter moved off Vonage when they started to have issues with lawsuits from Verizon. I moved my primary numbers off of Vonage for the same reason. Was afraid we would end up without service and our numbers lost. I did keep their $9.99 service ($14 with taxes and their fees) but we recently dropped it as we were using other VOIP services under PAYG. Vonage worked well but it does bother me they can never make money. How long can the company stay in business if they cannot make a profit on a consistent basis?

December 2012 - I actually forgot to update this review. I have moved off of Vonage completely. Good news is that they seem to be profitable now. The quality was always good. The thing that destroys their value is the high fees and taxes they add onto your bill. For some people it is worth it because of their included international calling features. But I do not do international calling so while Vonage is good, I am trying to cut expenses because of the horrible economy so I have taken a different direction and now with Ooma, CallCentric, with occassional use of VOIP.ms and Anveo.

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