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Review by CUBS_FAN See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "The Website is so easy to navigate with plenty of help info. Automatic bill pay is convenient too.Incoming/outgoing call logs."
Bad "If there is a power outage(rarely) your phone don't work. Once in a while I get an echo"
Overall "As long as your Internet provider is steady, Vonage will be too."
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My Other Reviews

·AT&T U-Verse
Called on the phone and within a week the 4 port Ethernet Motorola voice gateway router arrived. Within another week I had my existing phone number transferred. I was given a "virtual number" on a temporary basis. You must disconnect the telephone line from utility pole going inside the telephone interface box, so the voltage coming from the Telephone Company does not interfere with the VOIP.

The first thing I noticed was when making a call it takes about 5 seconds for the call to connect and start to ring. I also noticed the call volume much louder.

I have E911 service. When making a call to 911 their operator sees my name and address immediately.

All the features from AT&T, (Caller ID, Call waiting, 3-way call, call forwarding etc.) are available and a few that are available only with Vonage. A nice feature, automatic call forwarding if the Internet is experiencing an outage. When logged into the web site or what they call *Dashboard* you can configure the audio quality of your phone line by adjusting how much upload bandwidth is utilized. Set at maximum quality uses about 90k of your upload. They have a convenient Download/Upload measurement page. Also, while logging in at work or anywhere there is internet access, the incoming and out-going calls are logged complete with caller ID. Good for those parents who have teenagers at home while you are at work. Your phone bill automatically increments when *non-free* calls are made.

*Local and long distance calls to all 50 states and Canada are free just like many cell-phone Companies. Calls to the UK, Spain and Dublin and other European countries are free too.

I have the Premium Unlimited Plan @ $24.99 per month plus about $17 in fee's. If all your calls are free your monthly bill would be under $50 for the unlimited calls.

I can go on and on about my experience with Vonage, but I've been typing for over 30 minutes.


I've had Vonage for a while now and noticed the same good quality making calls to the U.S. But, making international calls to Asia has poor quality with breaking up. Sometimes I simply call the person back, or, actually have to power on reset. I know the problem is within Vonage because I've used a calling card and I get GREAT sound quality without break-ups..

The phone support from Mumbai India is a bit frustrating. They sound like friggin robots. Once you get to level 2 support from New Jersey it gets a little better.

During the Christmas holiday there was an earthquake in Taiwan. I don't know if it is related, but to place a call to Asia, it would take about 45 seconds of dead silence just for the call to go thru. Sometimes I would get a "Line is busy" message. When I finally got connected, the person I was trying to call said "I wasn't on the phone all day". Once apon receiving the busy line message it was over 1 minute. Vonage would proceed to charge me for a call over the 1 minute mark.


Since my last update until about 2 weeks ago I had nothing but problems with my internet. Since the problems have been fixed I can now experience "beautiful crisp and clear" phone calls. Ever since I joined Vonage the call quality was noticeably "choppy" at times but not to the point of getting aggravated. I'm guessing the "Choppy" quality was due to my internet getting close to a overload with the amount of subscribers that my Download/Upload channel at the CMTS can handle. Since last May I'm guessing Comcast signed up one too many people and never made the accommodations via their network.
Vonage's rates for international calls are reasonable and you can use a prepaid calling card and simply dial the local access number which is unlimited.


Still going smooth since my internet connection was fixed earlier this year. I'm still dialing a local number and using a prepaid telecom to place my international calls. I might stay with Vonage as long as they can stay alive.


Almost 2 years later and I'm just happy they are still in business! The cost per month is hovering around $40 per month and no problems..


Back in November of 2012 I cancelled Vonage. After 2 months I had enough with MJ's blocking calling card access numbers and went back to Vonage. They have a 30 day money back guarantee and I noticed I was finally able to get my number ported after the 30 day period passed.
I found out that they now have free calls to Globe Telecom subscribers in the Philippines. So now I'm enjoying unlimited international calls and monthly phone bill around $36.83.

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