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Review by batsona See Profile

  • Location: Ellicott City,Howard,MD
  • Cost: $14 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Good quality given *stable* internet."
Bad "Mnthly auto-billing to debit card sometimes double-charges"
Overall "Still well worth the money"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
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My Other Reviews

·Verizon FiOS
I've got the 500min per month package for $18 a month. I'm routing it thru a Linksys 2-phone, 4-ethernet device, sitting behind a Cisco PIX 501, connected to Verizon FiOS.

Calls were fairly choppy because Comcast was having issues with pole-mounted amplifiers in my neighborhood. When I went to FiOS Internet, whose issues evaporated; very stable voice quality after that.

I've only ever had Vonage, so i can't rate them against anyone else.

Porting my number from Verizon land-line, to Vonage took longer than expected. The number was not ported on the date promised. A call to tech support said, "oh yes, it is ported, we did it last nite". I insisted otherwise. "Ah, it must have not worked then." They then scheduled another port of my number which was another 2 weeks after their first try (first try took 2 weeks, thus to total of 30-day turnaround time in my ratings.) Second port worked, and have been happy ever since.


Update 8/15/2008: Everything still just fine. Vonage introduced a feature where you can block calls from coming in, that have absent callerID info, and I use this. I wish they'd offer call blocking by matching a pattern (like 1-800-xxx-xxxx) for instance. Cost up to $22 from original $18, but it's still a good deal


Update 1/20/2010 Price is up to $20 a month now, but is still a good deal. No huge technical problems.


Update 3/26/2011 - Last summer, negotiated back to "Vonage Lite", from the 500min plan. Monthly dropped from $27 to $14! For as much as I use it, I still never go over the mins, and I'm almost saving 50%. One thing, when I call certain people, I have an annoying echo in the line where I can hear myself. Not sure if its related to the other persons' side, or whether it's Vonage; haven't investigated that much.


Update 2/6/2012 - Still going strong. I'm on the Vonage-Lite plan, and the billable amnt per month is still about ~$20/month. Service works consistantly. That echo thing I complained about before went away on its own. The only problem called them about, turned out to be my own internal wiring. Good call quality. Had a situation recently where the outgoing message was not heard by the person leaving a message (me!). Phonemail system busy I guess. Still well worth it in quality vs. $$ paid.


Update 1/19/14 -- Still worth the money. We don't use the phone alot, for the Vonage-Lite plan is great at ~$20 per month. I can't EVER remember a time when there was an outage at all. The only problem I ever had was ethernet cabling to the Vonage Adaptor, which was my fault. Worth the money. No problem, stable, good quality.


Update 8/2/14 -- still going strong. The monthly charge creeps up 2-4 dollars per year, but I don't mind that. Still good quality.

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Never buy this

They have appointed agents who are misguiding the customers. I returned it next day of buying. Plz check properly before buying.

Ellicott City, MD

Re: Never buy this

Sorry you had a poor experience. I've had quite a good experience. Care to message me & tell me what happened? How were you mis-leaded?