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Review by habskilla See Profile

  • Location: Moncton,NB
  • Cost: $18 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Excellent value for the features. LNP for Moncton New Brunswick"
Bad "No individual call number blocking. Some Canadian toll numbers do not work."
Overall "Great way to cut expenses without giving up too much."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
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Joined Vonage August 2007. Received my Motorola VT 2542 within 4 days of ordering. LNP transfer was held up by Aliant not releasing the line to Vonage. Basic install time 2 minutes. Actual install time about 1 hour.

Once I figured out how to disable the outside phone line to my house, installation was a snap.

Special Installation:
Motorola VT2542 QOS is not robust enough to handle simulative use of Vonage, Slingbox, Bittorrenting and websurfing. Needed to put the Motorola unit behind a WRT54G with Tomato firmware to handle the QOS. This setup is flawless. With my 10 MB down and 1 MB upload cable internet connection maxed out, calls are still (for the most part) crystal clear.

Vonage comes with an amazing set of FREE features. The one feature it's missing is individual call number blocking.

Another feature that saves me lots of money is the ability of family and friends to use local access numbers in their cities to call me toll free. The saving money comes cause I pay the cell phones bills of my 2 kids in university.

Over all, jump IN! The service is great!

Update Feb 28, 2011.
It's now been 3.5 years since my initial install. I'm currently on the $14.99 Unlimited Canadian Employee Plan, but I'm not an employee. I was offered this plan as a retention offer. Please note, I contact all my service providers and threaten to quit to try to pry a deal out of them. Vonage offered up this $14.99 plan with taxes comes to $17.47 a month.

NOTE: VOIP service is not POTS! I am willing to sacrifice a bit of quality and availability to save money, LOTS of money. I know there are other VOIP providers out there that are cheaper, but only Vonage has local numbers for my city. VOIP is very sensitive to internet use. A sound QOS strategy will ensure optimal VOIP quality and a lot less headaches. Also note that Vonage does NOT have a per number block feature.

BIG NOTE! Vonage Canada has issues calling some 800 Canadian only numbers. For instance, TeleCare NB is a NB only toll free number that I can't dial. I have to search for the local number and use that. I can't dial any "310" numbers either.

Aside from those 2 notes, Vonage has worked very well over the past 3.5 years. Features I use that save me lots of money:
multi-way calling. Since I have unlimited long distance calling, I call and link everyone in.
vonage access numbers - There are access numbers in many cities where you dial the jump number and then dial my number. This feature along has saved me 1000's of $$ in collect calls from the kids and kept me in contact when they've traveled abroad.
SimulRing - All incoming call also ring the cell phones at the same time. The cell phones CID see the details of the original caller, not my home number info.
ATA portability - Going away? High speed internet available? Bring your ATA with you and enjoy all your Vonage benefits.
Network Availability Number - If for whatever reason your home phone is unreachable, you can configure a number to ring.

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