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Review by ExitWound See Profile

  • Location: State College,Centre,PA
  • Cost: $14 per month
Good "Can't beat the price! Sound quality excellent!"
Bad "Price slowly increasing. Fees & taxes growing."
Overall "Worth the pennies if you have a decent ISP."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Been with Vonage for years now and it's never been better!

I haven't had a dropped call since the switch to a RTP300RB in Jan 2007. The original router was flaky.

Installation is quite simple. Hook it up to the modem, connect the phone line and that's it. Anyone can do it.

I subscribe to the 200 minutes plan at $9.99/month, but the final bill ends up being nearly 50% higher. Total bill ~$14/month.

The website hangs now and then, but serves up the voicemail as .wavs which is nice. All services, including adding new lines or features, are offered on the website with no phone calls required.

If you don't need portability and are looking for a good, solid service for the home, consider Vonage. It's rock solid as long as you receive hardware that doesn't routinely freeze up on you. If your cable and/or power is out, or Vonage isn't working, contacting someone to fix it is troublesome.

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