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Review by Mr_A1 See Profile

  • Location: Dickson,Dickson,TN
  • Cost: $16 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "BasicTalk price is very good."
Overall "Make sure you do some research to open correct firewall ports so you can receive best quality possible."
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Call Quality:
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Due to AT&T CallVantage service being discontinued, I decided to try Vonage as a value replacement. The changeover was easy and the equipment came fairly fast, but the call quality and features are not the same as AT&T for the same amount of money being paid per month. I will definitely be changing over the AT&T U-Verse Voice when I order their tv and internet services. Vonage still has a long way to go to provide better services like outgoing caller id along with other features now found on other carriers like a phone book, etc and really need to do something about improving their call quality.

Update: After about 5 years after this review was written, I have returned back to Vonage using their BasicTalk Plan; they have definitely improved. The BasicTalk adapter although easy is not that great, but at least my old VPortal adapter still works and was able to be changed back to it with the correct ports opened in my router. The call quality is a lot better than years ago, and for the price it just works since I need to have some sort of home phone line at my home.

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uverse sucks

No comparison to Direct TV! U-VERSE is BAD technology!