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Review by drew See Profile

  • Location: Port Orchard,Kitsap,WA
  • Cost: $90 per month
Good "High speed for local ISP"
Bad "Upload speed leaves much to be desired, routing issues, caps"
Overall "It's either Wave with their caps and sometimes routing issues or Qwest with 1.5Mbps DSL..."
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I've had Wave Cable since early '04 when they took over for Charter communications. We have zero other options for high speed, as the COs for DSL are a ways away. During the initial takeover and a few times since then, Wave has had terrible outages, but nothing that they usually had any control over.

All in all, I'm fairly happy with Wave.

Edit 3/26/08 1:27 PM: Still have Wave. I don't use their e-mail or NNTP servers, so I can't speak for their availability and speed. However, the internet service is still very solid. I get slow downs sometimes in the evenings, but nothing major and it still gets at least 350KB/s at those times.

Edit: 4/2/09 10:24PM: Wave still isn't great. They're rolling out a 18/2 package that'll have caps... caps on the lower tiers will come later. Joy.

Edit: 10/30/10 4:56PM: Wave is what it is. I had to go after them for about 6 weeks several months back to get them to fix a terribly overloaded node. Tier 2 support out of Kirkland was significantly better to deal with. Kudos to those guys. We have routing issues in the evenings sometimes, but it's usually on noanet's end, not Wave's.

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