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Review by chpalmer See Profile

  • Location: Bremerton,Kitsap,WA
  • Cost: $100 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Thev'ye been reliable for uptime. Pings are usually low."
Bad "Power Outage uptime sucks"
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·OlyPen, Inc.
Update 02-15 My internet connection continues to work well. I'm de-rating them on the graph however for TV services as they have now decided to start scrambling QAM channels. Its nothing but a money grab as they are forcing users to rent equipment to see these channels in digital format. Looks like we will be investigating the competition for TV.

Update 02-14 On the 55/10 commercial internet. Speed seems to hold most of the time but I think some growing pains right now. Since our tv is under our personal name and the internet under our company name we don't get the "extras" that bundling would get such as Movieplex... Would love to see a work around for that.

There is a forum up and running here on dslreports at »Wave Broadband If your a Wave customer please check it so we can be moved to US Cable Support finally...

update 11-12
Tech support can be clueless most of the time. Needs better offerings. Hoping the new owners take ownership and try out customer retention for a change. Had a customer that had a line cut by construction which we could see. Wave made them prove it wasn't the customer owned modem before they would proceed any further troubleshooting. Rookies!

update- 9-09
Connection still stable with a bit of slowdowns on peak hours lately.. Not bad though. Getting tech support to make a change for me (commercial connection) has gone on for weeks now for a simple dns change.

update- 6-09
I now run my business server here so opted for commercial service. Now at 6mbps 1.5mbps.

moved to 6/1service.

Ive had my install since the Charter days since it became available on my street. Since Wave took over the offerings are a welcome change. I ordered the 768/128 plan from Charter and have since been moved up to the present speed of 6 mbps 385 kbps.

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my foster dad owns a business where they have wave broadband, one i hosted a web/game server with there data center, apparently i got ddoss hacked by one of my disgruntled players, and the data center came to me and said, they didn't want my server there any longer. of course if a simple doss attack caused them so much trouble they are basically noobs in my eyes for not being able to deal with the problem properly.

a few years later, i am told i was going to move up there. problem is im currently developing morpg and it requires tcp/ip data streams from server to client side that i programed.

After seeing all these horrid and scary reviews, i certainly not looking toward to the move up there. Ill do what ever i can to stay with Comcast and not move to this area with this crappy, overran, noobish, stuck, snobbish up prick of a wave broadband company.

My idea is to host all my servers in Seattle and not give a penny to these noobs they call wave broadband.