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Review by deadheadrjp See Profile

  • Location: Auburn,Placer,CA
  • Cost: $89 per month
  • Install: about 280 days
Good "Very Fast; very stable"
Bad "semi-slow upload speeds; several short outages"
Overall "Stable; excellent download speeds; semi-slow upload speeds"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Stable; excellent download speeds; semi-slow upload speeds. The best broadband provider that I have ever had and customer service reaches Americans and Americans that are skilled and professional. Highly recommended. They upgraded the lines from curb to house and connection box for neighborhood is right next to my house. There have been outages, but they have been fairly short and customer service was professional and not overseas script readers with fake names [this review was written 10-12-11]

12-10-2011: Continued excellent speed, reliability and customer service. I am more than pleased with my Wave account & my speeds are the best I have ever had available at this location (95603; note: I only have a Wave data\internet account). I am very, very, very close to the Wave box for the neighborhood & Wave dug up old cable from box to house (it was originally placed by 1980s cable TV company, when this house was built; I think it was called Sonic Cable at that time, if I recall properly). If farther from box, things might be different; I do not know. I haven't asked my neighbors, because I see lots of AT&T DSL wifi modem\router signals, plus I always forget to ask. I am very pleased with Wave at this location!

** UPDATE: 12-11-11 - Here's a current speed-test that is just about average, but it does burst higher: » ··· 3592.png

**UPDATE: 2-20-15 - Since my last update, Wave Broadband has deployed 100 megabit accounts in my area. It is consistently 90-110 megabit - and from time to time I get bursts up to 120+ megabit. My upload speed is usually tested at about 12 megabit, with bursts that can go a little higher than that. Outages (and local router reboots, etc.) are extremely few and far between, especially while I am not running any of my VPN services on my DDWRT main router. Their support is domestic and usually informed and helpful. I can tell them that I already tried the obvious stuff (reboots, etc.) with them listening to me about that & they are not just script readers. They know their offerings and how things work, without call-backs and multiple escalations. I pretty much only need to call them when my modem is indicating a problem on their end - and that (so far) 98% of the time has only been during a few *very severe* weather events.

Sometimes it's much faster than even those figures; just now: »/im/107679082/ ··· 2755.png

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