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Review by RustyTheDog See Profile

  • Location: Trenton,Mercer,NJ
  • Cost: $14 per month
  • Install: about 18 days
Good "Price and Features and Reliability"
Bad "Power failures"
Overall "Can't be beat for the price."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Placed my order for OV and the same day called Verizon to release the PIC on my POTS line so my phone number could be ported. The day before my original OV installation date, they called to say that Verizon still would not release the number. Had to wait an additional week, but this is not OV's fault.

Installation took about 10 minutes. Because I had already had Vonage at one point, I had already installed a dedicated wall jack to back-feed the whole house.

I had dial tone and my number ported correctly! I was a happy camper.

The only problem I had so far was an afternoon of dropped/missed calls because of a service disruption of some type. Not sure what it was, but it resolved itself.

I should note that I am really paying $34.95/month but as part of the deal I have with Cablevision, I get a $20 monthly credit for LIFE if I keep all of the services the same. So my net is really paying $14.95/month. Much better than the $55 I was paying with Verizon after all of those ridiculous fees and taxes.

Update: After several years, I think that above was the only time I lost service that wasn't due to a power failure. I'd say they ROCK! Oh, I just did

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