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Review by PX Eliezer70 See Profile

  • Location: Hutt River
  • Cost: $35 per month
Good "Good voice quality and reliability. No extra junk fees. Fax works."
Bad "Cheaper than POTS but still costlier than pure VoIP; limited features"
Overall "Reliable service but more costly than independent VoIP."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Optimum Voice (OV) is the phone service associated with Cablevision's Optimum Online (OOL) internet service. This review is written with regard to business use, not residential.

OV has excellent quality and reliability.

My number was ported from Verizon in about a week, with no problems.

The monthly fee for business line is $ 35 after first year including unlimited US calling, and this includes many features. If you have 4+ lines there are discounts. This cost is much less than a Verizon business landline with comparable service. However, a pure VoIP player could be cheaper still, with more flexibility.

There are no extra junk telco fees. Of course, OV requires the OOL internet service, which is about $ 50 per month.

Porting a business number is free. However, OV charges $ 40 to port a residential number, which I believe is very shortsighted. Still, OV now has over 2 million phone lines in its metro NYC and northern NJ communities.

Because this is cable company VoIP, it does lack the flexibility and features that many independent VoIP providers offer. However, it is generally reliable, and faxing (inbound and outbound) works well. For businesses that still need fax, that can be a plus.

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