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Review by PCInTech See Profile

  • Location: Massena,Saint Lawrence,NY
  • Cost: $15 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Stable service, Excellent Voice, Full Suite of Features!"
Bad "None whatsoever!"
Overall "If you want the absolute BEST, this is the one."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

I was with another service that started rapidly going downhill in the stability department and lagging behind providing features that were important to me. Mostly, I wanted, aside from basic reliability, 7 digit dialing, Caller ID with Name, voice mail that WORKED and a LOCAL telephone number, so that friends and family wouldn't have to call a city, long distance, 2 1/2 hrs. away. I bought a Sipura 2000 from Voxzilla, and it came with a coupon for a FREE trial from VoicePulse with all activation charges waived. I decided to try something different and give it a try. They activated me immediately, and gave me a LOCAL number in my town. Much to my amazement, I was TOTALLY blown away. It was as different as night and day from the other service! I not only had the features I wanted, but every conceivable telephone feature possible. Check out their feature list, and you'll see what I mean, as I couldn't possibly list them all here. They ALL work. Perfectly. We've totally forgotten that we're even on VoIP at all! It works that well. After a few months, I ordered another number with their Open Access Plan, in another area code where I have friends for only $5.00 a month. There's no "junk fees" added onto their rates, like my former service started adding. Everything works as advertised, customer support is STELLAR, and in New Jersey, USA with knowledgeable, efficient staffing. They've made a BIG FAN out of me, and I heartily recommend VoicePulse to ANYONE wanting VoIP service that's painless, and does everything it's supposed to do... just like the wired POTS service you're used to. It's companies like VoicePulse that will bring VoIP into the mainstream, and make 100 year old telco technology obsolete.

UPDATE 08/17/05: The service continues to be SPECTACULAR. I've since added an Open Access line on another Sipura. Their support people are highly helpful and extremely friendly, resolving problems with efficiency. There have been a couple of minor system outages for some subscribers, but only one affected me. Having been with other providers, I don't have a problem with this... as I know it could be MUCH worse. Call quality is perfect, features work INCREDIBLY well and the price is right. We really have totally forgotten that we're not on POTS, it's that reliable.

UPDATE 12/13/05: Recent upgrade to Voicemail system has certainly made the service flawless. I've recommended VP to several others over the last few months after they've tried other services, and they share my enthusiasm. Their customer service and tech support continues to be top notch, as well.

UPDATE 02/18/06: I suppose I'm just spoiled! I can't imagine VoIP service being any better than this. Outstanding reliability, support and call quality. You can't ask for anything more than those things, worth every penny!

UPDATE 05/11/06: Service continues to be solid as a rock. I can't possibly wish for anything more than what VoicePulse offers. It's not #1 in customer ratings for nothing! Perhaps my only wish is that there was some kind of customer referral incentive, as I've signed MANY people up to the service. :-( Maybe Ravi could spring for a nice high end two line multi handset phone?

UPDATE 12/12/06: VP is BORING! No outages, perfect quality, no drama, no problems, no glitches, nothing to tinker with. Just perfect phone service, period. I have forgotten what it was like to have problems with a telephone. It's just always there. Thank you for being the BEST, VoicePulse! I have recommended to MANY people and they are ALL as enthusiastic as I am.

UPDATE 02/16/07: For longevity and reliability, they have NO peer. This IS THE VoIP service for consumer telephone. I've recommended even more folks to them, and they are SO happy to have ditched their former service. You don't know how good the technology can be until you've lived with VoicePulse in your home. Switching to VP was the best decision I've ever made in my life... but don't tell my wife that... she thinks it's marrying HER.

UPDATE 07/18/07: No drama, no outages, no problems, ever. It just works! Everyone I've recommended to VP has been 100% satisfied, particularly the ones that were lured into "bargain basement" fly-by-night deals that gave away free phones, promised the World and never delivered. The English-speaking, US-based, knowledgeable techs are the best, bar none. In my house, it's just "the phone". VP would be a bargain at any price! I've even forgotten how long I've been with them, could be 3, 4 years. I forget. It's just perfect.

UPDATE 01/24/08: The lack of stimulating drama continues. (YAWN!) It's a full-featured phone. It just plain works. "If you've tried the rest... try the BEST, VoicePulse!" That's about all I can add to everything else I've said in previous reviews. Love it!

UPDATE 08/05/08: My 5th year with VoicePulse! Again, there is NOTHING at all that I can say that I haven't already. It's the BEST, PERIOD. I wouldn't switch to another service even if they GAVE it to me for FREE! (They'd have to PAY me, actually, on top of FREE service... )

UPDATE 02/12/09: VoicePulse continues to impress beyond belief. Their techs will bend over backwards to assist in even the most minor problems. Don't even think about toying around with the latest "VoIP du Jour". This is as good as phone service gets, period. I only wish there were ratings higher then 5 for this service.

UPDATE 01/18/10: VoicePulse continues to satisfy beyond my wildest expectations. The best customer service, and stellar voice quality. I don't know why everyone doesn't have VP. The best.

UPDATE 11/08/10: VP is the best. Features keep improving, and the addition of YouMail Pro as a Voicemail provider sweetens the deal. Customer service is still the envy of the industry.

UPDATE 08/08/2012: Still a happy camper. Economic situation has forced me to downgrade to Local Unlimited and drop my second number, but service is perfection.

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