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Review by swintec See Profile

  • Location: Alfred,York,ME
  • Cost: $15 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Tech Support, Call Quality and Features"
Bad "Wish they had some new features..."
Overall "This Company is THE VoIP company"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

March 2014- Service is still fantastic even after all of these years.

December 2011 Update- Voicepulse is still great! I do see a bit of a hit on quality since they moved their systems, but overall a great service still.

March 2010 Update- What can I say, everything still just works, and that's what you want in a VoIP company. I am coming up on my 5 year anniversary with them and I can count how many service issues I have had with them on one hand.

UPDATE- 5-02-08- Service continues to be top notch, I now have two lines with them. Only thing I wish is that they rolled out at least ONE new feature...but I guess if thats the worse I can come up with, it really is a non-issue.

UPDATE- 7-05-06- Still have Voicepulse and I am right at my 1 year mark for service with them. They are still what a VoIP company should be. Have not had any real outages this year. The feature set has remained the same however since I signed on with them, I wish they would roll out at least one or two new features at some point. One good thing, I now have 911 service. All emergency calls get forwarded to my local dispatch center. I believe most of Voicepulses coverage area has 911 service now. Tech support is top notch with any questions you may have, THEY actually call YOU to make sure all issues and questions are addressed. When was the last time a company did that? Bottom line, they are the Cadillac of VoIP service. Once we ditched Verizon, we never looked back.

I looked over many VoIP companies over the course of a year as they started to pop up and none could offer me Line porting for my Maine number. Then low and behold back in June, voicepulse showed they could do it. So i signed up for there service ASAP. Sign up went smoothly online through there site and the forms to start the LNP were emailed quickly once I called and asked for them. Adapter arrived in about 3 days. Plugged in and away I went. Porting my number took about 3 weeks, not bad at all. The original adapter went bad so i had to deal with tech support quite a bit while they troubleshooted it over the phone and finally agreed to send a new one. Credit for the original took quite awhile but eventually happened. Now with new adapter I am cooking right along on there local unlimited plan. Don't let the word "local" make it sound like nothing, there local calling areas tend to be entire area codes, and I also get 200 minutes for anywhere else in the country. Plenty for this house. 911 is non existent as of now but i assume in time it will be implemented because of the FCC. This company also offers one of the better feature sets out there. The telemarketer block is priceless. Overall, you can not go wrong.

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