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Review by shealyse See Profile

  • Location: Lexington,Lexington,SC
  • Cost: $15 per month
Good "Good, Stable Service. It Just Works!!!"
Bad "Few service enhancements over the years."
Overall "Good, Stable Service, Good price even without having to prepay for a year."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I have been a VoicePulse user for over three years. The service has been excellent. Very few outages or issues. Whenever I had to open support tickets for issues, I always received an actual return phone call from tech support as a followup.

If you are looking for stable service and good features then VoicePulse is for you.

The price for service is average. They do offer local service plans that include unlimited local calling (for me that was statewide) plus 200 minutes of LD per month. This is the plan I selected. They do lock your adapter, so no tweaking for the techies.

VoicePulse is a rather "quiet" company. Their website rarely changes. Their features and prices have been the same since I signed up three years ago. They don't have their own forum on BBR. It just works!

1/2008- I signed up for Viatalk in 6/2007 to replace my VP line. I liked the 2 for one deal that VT offered. My intentions were to drop the VP service. However, I have found it hard to dump VP and they still "JUST WORK"!!! I took the VP ATA to work and use it as a personal line at work. I may one day break down and return VP, but I just can't let it go. I may wind up bringing up a Trixbox and tie it all together with my landline for a mega home VOIP system. It's been fun playing.

UPDATED 9/2008

I still have my VP line, but rarely use it. I keep it connected at work, primarily for play. My earlier reviews still stand. Their customer service is extremely prompt and their service is solid. I would definitely recommend VP for the plug and go user who may not be technical and wants reliable service. Even though I don't use it very often, I am having a hard time convincing myself to cancel the service. I have even loaned my adapter out to coworkers to take home and try which has resulted in a few more customers for VP.

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