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Review by ArizonaSteve See Profile

  • Location: Apache Junction,Pinal,AZ
  • Cost: $10 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Low Price, Wide Availability"
Bad "Having To Login Every Few Minutes Makes It Impossible To Use."
Overall "Only Good If You Have Unlimited Patience."
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Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

Boingo wifi is available at thousands of mobile home and RV parks across the US and at some coffee shops, bookstores and some McDonalds. Broadband in the usual forms is not available at my home in Arizona but I can get Boingo wifi from an RV park nearby so I signed up for that. It's available over Tengointernet hotspots but is cheaper than Tengointernet. All you have to do is go online and connect to Tengointernet, then when you try to use it you get redirected to a sign up page where you can pay by the day or month or whatever. Or you can go directly to and sign up. If you use it regularly you can have them automatically bill your credit card monthly for $9.95 so you don't have to bother with paying again. They have a handy utility program that will popup and tell you when a Boingo hotspot is available nearby but it works by looking for Tengointernet hotspots and won't work if the hotspot has been renamed to Tengointernet12 or something.

Update. Boingo it totally useless and frustrating now so I'm changing the ratings! Tengo has reduced the Boingo speed and bandwidth so much that it hardly works and when it does it's no faster than dial up. It is only available through Tengointernet hotspots in my area which is a big problem. It used to work pretty well but when Tengo switched to Nomadisp they didn't have a login option for Boingo on their site at first and I couldn't login. After a few weeks the login button finally appeared so I could login again but it keeps disconnecting me every hour or every half hour or in just 15 minutes and sometimes in just couple of minutes so I have to keep logging in over and over again. There is no indication of when it disconnects except when I click Send Email or something and it intercepts the URL request and takes me to the Tengo login screen instead. That usually happens when I'm in the middle of doing something such as sending an email so what I was working on is lost. When they redirect me to the login screen they also put a suffix of "error.php" on the URL I was using so I can't get back to that one again and when I try it either takes me to the login screen again or generates an error. Also the speed is very slow and keeps stopping a lot for several minutes at a time. Tengo also limits the amount of data to 360Mb per day now. Tengo says the speed should be 1000Kb but if you exceed 360Mb in 24 hrs. it will be reduced to 500Kb but I've never got a speed as high as 500Kb and the fastest has only been about 350Kb. The speed is so slow that when I try to play an internet radio streaming at 56Kb it keeps stuttering and stopping and starting, until they disconnect me again so it's worthless. Also Boingo customer service is non-existant, it I email them they never answer. When I called them they were polite but said they couldn't help me with any problems at that site. When I called Tengo they were downright rude and said I wasn't their customer and not to bother them.

Due to all these problems I can't recommend Boingo anymore.

BTW, I had to use Tengo for the month that Boingo was down and it costs 300% more but it worked fine even though it's coming from the same hot spot.

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