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Review by music4praise See Profile

  • Location: Big Rapids,Mecosta,MI
  • Cost: $12 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Flexible plans, multiple adapters on one line, soft phone works"
Bad "The phone portal doesn't do much"
Overall "Excellent choice for reliable service"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Update January 17, 2012

Service has been extremely reliable. I recently bought a new cable modem which improved the voice quality considerably. If I had known I would have done it sooner. Still very happy with the service.

Update February 9, 2011

The service still works well if your Internet connection is solid (low jitter). They have started charging for 911 services and state sales tax. I am a little miffed that the change was done with no advance notice. The unlimited incoming 250 minute outgoing still is a good value for me so I'm keeping the service.

Update February 2, 2010

The service works so well that it is hard to think of anything new to say in an update. Hopefully some other users will jump in with reviews so we can get Quantumvoice back into the weekly GBU charts.

Update September 16, 2009

Recently I started getting political calls again (does it ever stop?). Putting an end to it was so easy in the phone portal. I really enjoy being able to effectively block unwanted callers. I continue to highly recommend Quantumvoice.

Update June 1, 2009

There isn't much to say because it just keeps working day after day. I highly recommend Quantumvoice to anyone looking for voip service.

Update December 22, 2008

I continue to be pleased with Quantumvoice service. It works reliably and for my purposes the plan I have is very economical. The do need to update the portal (as many users have mentioned). Outages are rare and get fixed promptly.

Update July 7, 2008

Quantumvoice continues to serve me well. I commend them on getting my outgoing Calling ID Name (CNAM) updated so that it shows correctly on our friends Caller-Id displays. I specifically asked them to do this and they followed through. Thus I have upgraded their Tech Support rating. They also promptly and courteously corrected a billing issue that came up because of a number port that I did.

Original review

I set up a "Lite" account (unlimited incoming, 250 minutes outgoing) with Quantumvoice last November as a backup service. This plan costs $9.95 per month and there are no other charges at all. The USF and 911 fees are included in the advertised price. Setup fee for BYOD was $15.

I was having routing issues to my regular provider which was causing serious outbound audio issues. The Quantumvoice servers were much nearer to where I live so I thought it might help. Pings and jitter are much better so the voice quality issues have been alleviated by using a different provider. (My previous provider did work with me to solve the problem but we just couldn't get it done.) I have since ported my primary number to Quantumvoice. I kept the "Lite" plan since we rarely go over 100 outgoing minutes a month anyway.

There have been three occasions to use tech support. The first was do to an error I was getting with phone portal. This was solved promptly. The second was my port request which took 20 calendar days to complete. It was handled accurately and professionally. The third request had to do with annonymous call blocking. One telemarketer seemed to be getting past the system. Tech support verified the problem and thanked me for notifying them. It turned out to be yet another clever way to get around caller-id based call blocking. So far it seems to be fixed.

Quantumvoice seems to be a quality customer-focused company. I recommend them.

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