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Review by neftv See Profile

  • Location: Broomall,Delaware,PA
  • Cost: $12 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Kept my TOTAL price of $12.95 for 500min. No outlay of prepay. BYOD."
Bad " Web Portal, Phone book. International rates."
Overall "Service works reliably as do most advertised features."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:


Decided to move on to another provider for personal reasons as of 11/10/11 ported my DID to another provider. Service was in good standing.


It been a long while since my last review. QV has had a couple outages in the past year but they usually been up after a few hours. It strange that it had to do with backup power with where their NOC is or a Border router. Anyway when the service work it works and you don't have to think about it. I am going to stick with them at least for the time being because I don't see anything better for the light user that I am usually 300 to around 500 mins range of usage. They do have a Status page but it always gets stuck on the last event that happens and they never really follow up on their own Forum on their web site so I guess no-one ever goes there. I did want to point out when I had my Asterisk setup on the Asus Router I did have some assistance with that from QV along with Voip Forum on here and it was nice they did that. However since my last review I abandoned trying to use my Asus router with Asterisk because it worked well in the beginning but then I started to get weird problems of stability. My Asus is just operating TomatoUSB firmware now. So I opted then to get a Zoom 5801 ATA and I feel that purchase was part way a mistake but the device did offer something exactly what I wanted. Now I have a the Zoom as my backup and I am using an Obi100 and so far a week into ownership it working great with QV and my other Gateway implementations.

I not changing any of the rating as I think they are steady to this point in time even with the ownership change I still think they are the same ratings.


While other customers describe their issues with their providers in the VOIP forum QV continues to just work for me. Using Asterisk on my Asus router too. It's amazing what people will do to get attention though and how certain end users and vendors will go out of their way to do that in the forum. I also notice that QV gets an updated review it never shows up on the top five in the forum too, only the popular ones make it. No big deal I'm just as happy that my service just works with no drama or overhype in the forum.


Almost two months with QuantumVoice and the service just works. No complaints from me at this time.

Yea the web portal could be better but I think they going to change all that soon.

QuantumVoice (just like how Broadvox was to me) is a service you set up and forget about it because it just works. In fact I am using my old Broadvox ATA Sipura 2000 with this service and is working just fine.


Of below issues 1 and 5 appear to be resolved. Service still working great.


My number had been ported into QV after I settled in with Phone Power as a formal BroadvoxDirect customer when Broadvox decided to get out of the residential market. After manual signup QV took about 8 days to port my number from PP to QV and there was one additional delay because the automated system didn't port right. After that got straighten out service been solid. I got to keep my monthly TOTAL price of $12.95 with 500 min with no tricks or lack of information because QV web site is VERY clear on their prices. QV been around for a while too. My only complaints so far are

1) that the speed dials don't work in QV's portal,

2) the very basic Phone book,

3) their system status page seems to get stuck on the last item of incident.

4) International rates are so uncompetitive and outdated that even Broadvox had better rates. I found a work around this using another service.

5) seems like their forum opened up again but after repeated attempts to get access I was ignored.

Tech support is mostly responsive but looks like some of the above items are not a priority.

I not sure that I will be with QV long term like I was with Broadvox but for now basic phone service is working and I keep my total price at 12.95. For now I need to move on from this hassle from when Broadvox dumped me as I have my other priorities too.

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