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Review by funkengruven See Profile

  • Location: Cambridge,ON
  • Cost: $29 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Near POTS Quality phone service, good web portal, Easy to set up"
Bad "Tech support is atrocious."
Overall "When it works the service itself is pretty good, but hope that you never have to call them for anything."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I've been with Primus for the past 6 years and have not had any major issues at all. At the time $25.95 a month for unlimited North American long distance seemed like a pretty good deal, and at that time it was. Portal is good, ability to use remote phone (call a local access number and call out from your service using that) is a bonus, Call quality is indistinguishable from a normal land line phone service, outbound caller ID always works, very easy to set up, overall not a bad service.

Their technical support and Customer Service lines were plagued with excruciating hold times, and after waiting sometimes up to an hour on hold for customer service you would reach an agent in India who has no clue about how to help you with your issue. This has improved significantly over the past couple years and continues to.

Because it's so easy to set up I'd recommend this service to non-technical users who have an internet connection who would prefer not to pay Bell rates for a phone line. If you are a more technical user you would be better served going with one of the less expensive voip providers available since call quality is much the same and configuration options are far more extensive.

Update: Ported number away from Primus to and was a nightmare due to the incompetence of their provisioning department. Primus attached a fictional service address to my phone number which prevented from moving the number to their service. The service address that Allstream had for the number was rejected in the LNP request too. Primus did very little to assist me with this and their teams could never provide me with any useful information regarding the correction of my service address. As a result of this incompetence I was forced to port from Primus to a Telus Mobility cellphone (for some reason porting to and from an ILEC is far easier) and then port from Telus to

If you don't plan on making any changes at all to your service and plan to just use this service and nothing more you will likely experience few issues. If you have to call them for anything be prepared for grief.

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