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  • Location: Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (12 month contract)
Good "Easy to install, great price to bundle with other services"
Bad "Horrible call quality, lots of dropped calls, etc"
Overall "Please don't waste your time."
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I was moving so I decided to go for the bundle (cable, WIFI, and
residential landline) from Time Warner Cable in January of 2013.

Its been one month and because the land line quality was/is so poor, I am having AT&T install a landline at my residence on Monday. With Time Warner I've experienced many
dropped calls and calls with very poor reception. The guy who installed my
modem said that he hears complaints frequently and that their land line
service is "not one of their stronger products." What a waste of time - and

Los Angeles, CA 90036

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lodged 2 years ago



There are many alternatives!

Try making some calls from Gmail (free to US and Canada). If those calls also have poor quality or are unstable, there is likely a problem with your cable drop or modem, which you should be able to get TW to fix. Even if you get an AT&T landline, get the cable issue fixed, since it will likely degrade other Internet services.

If the Google Voice calls work well, you could get an OBi100 to use it with your existing phones (add e.g. Anveo for E911 service).

There are dozens of other good options. If you want everything set up for you, look at VOIPo or Phonepower. If you want a DIY service with good support, look at Anveo, Callcentric, or VoIP.ms.



Re: There are many alternatives!

Thanks Stewart. I'm pretty sure its our cable drop and other neighbors have complained to TWC about their landlines - and there's been no improvement with quality. I had an AT&T landline for 20 years with no problems - so, its an easy fix for now. I'll explore your other suggestions at some point.