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Review by Core0000 See Profile

  • Location: Somerset,Pulaski,KY
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Faster than than Windstream"
Bad "Service lacking"
Overall "Duopoloies with little incentive to improve service"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

The only other option for internet since I am a gamer, is Windstream, but since windstream in my area, fails to upgrade any of their service in years.. and years to something meaningful, I chose a Cable ISP. Just so happens it's Time Warner. They actually bought out the previous cable ISP in my area. NewWave.

I initially had a slower package. Like 10 down,5 up. I upgraded my services to 30 down, 10 up.. at least tried to. But they only had a 30/5 package. Which I upgraded to. Unfortunately the problem lays on their end... and I'm still only getting 10/5. What really sucks is I've called to clarify this, and they told me yeah that's the service I orderd 30/5. I then asked well, why aren't I getting it? Tier 3 told me their was a lot of noise on my line. Well they had a tech out, when they installed my service in initially, and he showed me the # when he was checking the line and said it was great. So either he was lying or something happened in that short amount of time. Whatever the case, I was told a tech would be sent out to check out the cable going to my home... and well nothing so far.

So I am paying 70+ dollars for service I am not getting. And I called on (5-4-2013) and its now (8-4-3013)... they have not contacted me like tech support told me they would.. I have not seen any tags on my door, and still getting 10/5 when I should be getting at least 25/5... Not getting anywhere near the 30 megs down.

I also have to pay a 6 a month modem rental fee... Motorola..

I honest to god, hate not having better service to choose from. I've got shit and shit. That's pretty much my options at this point, unless I just UP and move.. which is not the easiest of options.

It sucks complaining about an issue and the only people that can fix it or solve it.. are just hum hauling around. It really does. I feel powerless to do anything better. Because I ONLY HAVE TWO CHOICES...

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lodged 1.5 years ago

North Fort Myers, FL

Modem rental fee???

Buy Motorola modem on ebay for $20. You will get return on your investment in 4 moths.
Somerset, KY

Re: Modem rental fee???

Thanks. But buying used stuff like that, used, makes me nervous.