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Review by BuckarooB See Profile

  • Location: Cloverdale,Botetourt,VA
  • Cost: $34 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Quick, simple, and reliable connection and equipment."
Bad "Sales force not very knowledgeable, could be frustrating for beginners."
Overall "Stable connection, I can do stuff that my comcast connection couldn't do and consistently."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

May 12th 2001, 2year contract waives the $100 installation fee. The CISCO DSL Modem is free also. I ordered 384kps up and down. Very dependable connection. *updated see below*

Once I had filled out the contract there was about a week wait in the queue for the hook up and installation. I took an the afternoon off to wait for them to come to the house. They said anytime between 3-5 and they made it over by 4:30 or so, although they did the phone work already by 3:30 or so. Two technicans came to the house. One had a handheld line tester, once he checked the line the other set up the modem and tested the connection to the internet. Dynamic IP into my Linksys BEFW11S4 to my two computers (Win2K and Win98SE).

Working great since the installation. Only one time since then there was something wrong with the connection. I called their hotline at 8PM Friday night and said they would send someone over the next morning. They came by 9AM, checked the line, and said there was a problem back at the SWITCH. He said he would report it and check back with us Monday. By that afternoon the connection problem was fixed, and we were back surfing as normal.

The sales people seemed to me unknowledgable about the service, they new prices, contracts, and such, but no real internet knowledge. I would think they would put together a packet of sorts for the beginners to help them get setup. But nothing is really given to assist those that not Net inclined. I guess without any competition in this area, they don't really care.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the service. Maybe once they get cable laid down here in our neighborhood and they have competitive prices I'll upgrade, but for what I do its GREAT. sure beats dial up!!


Had a some problems, like noise on my phone lines that would disappear sometimes... and also would lose connectivity.. and it seeme to coincide with the noisy phones - sounded as if I could hear the computer side of the phone even through the filters.

So I had Ntelos check the line.. there was no problem... so they switched out the CISCO modem for a Speedstream5667. Every since they I got the new modem (6 months now)... haven't had one second of a dropped connection (had it about once a week with the CISCO)... and the phone is crystal clear now.... A very happy customer... Now I'm thinking about upgrading to a faster U/D speed

----updated 9/12/04 ----

Shortly after getting the new speadstream I upgraded to 768/768 speed ($49.99/month). Since getting the new modem, I've had absolutely ZERO downtime due to connectivity issues!! Very happy with the quality of their service... I consistently get 600/600 speeds using the tools here at BBR.

Now I'm playing more and more online games, so I want to get the fastest U/D speeds for the least amount of $. I had recently setup my sister's Verizon DSL across town and she's got 1500/384 and for $29.99 a month! I could very easily notice the speed of page downloads. So I made an inquiry to Ntelos about speed upgrades and price. They had no plans about upgrading their speed tiers, but they did offer me $19.99 a month for the next 3 months and then $29.99 a month for the remaining 9 months of a 1 year subscription to maintain my current 768/768 speed. I inquired about the 1500/384 tier, and they have it available but still for $59 a month.

Think I'll see if there are other companies out there that I can get DSL service with and update you here with what I find and what I finally decide to go with. Ntelos has been a great company and for the past 3 years has proven to be very dependable and provided consistent connectivity, however I've out grown their speed/price tiers and will be looking for bigger pipes to appease my bandwidth appetite and also stop getting ribbed by my online buddies for lagging all the time!

-----Update Nov 1st -----

I am about to disconnect my DSL service since I just got hooked up to Adelphia HSI. for $54 a month I'm getting 3000k down and 512k up, think I'll need to do some tweaking to get closer to my advertized 4000k down. Not bad for $5 more a month... 3 or 4 times the download speed!! So unless I reconnect with Ntelos in the future, this will be my last update.

Ntelos has been great... Zero down time... very consistent u/d speeds, just not fast enough for my online gaming appetite. If you have no other alternative, Ntelos isn't so bad... sure as heck beats dial up!!!

----Final Udate Nov 15th----

Ntelos DSL will be disconnected at my house tomorrow.

---- Update 10/22/2008

Having been very happy with my Adelphia service then transferred to Comcast after the buyout, I was never able to connect to play online with Socom or Halo, but I didn't mind as I sort of retired from playing those games.

recently I purchased a PS3 and had intermittent problems connecting to the Playstation network and as Never able to get online to play Socom confrontation. I had ruled out my hardware as the issue. My wife also complained about the slow page times for things like Gap.com ebay.com, etc. I didn't mind a few quick clicks of page reload and the page would eventually load.

Well not being able to connect to play on my PS3 was the last straw. I called up Ntelos and was quite surprised to see that they have upgraded their network for 6mb/1mb speeds I happily said I'd like to reconnect and she said sure no problem. I spoke with a very pleasant sales person that said a representative would call me back to finalize the connection date.

I get home and the message on my machine my connection date would be the 22nd after just calling them on the 20th. And my modem would arrive via UPS. UPS delivers my modem on the 21st. So I get home this evening connect up my new modem run a quick speed test here and I am getting 5845kb Down / 850kb up... I'm very happy.

I have my wife test her SLOW webpages... she's very happy they load almost instantly. so my final test is SOCOM confrontation on my PS3.... I get to the screen I always errored out on with Comcast... and poof I'm instantly into a gaming and shooting my opponents brains out!! I couldnt be happier.

I also find out that my neighborhood is being considered for fiber upgrades in the near future through Ntelos! I can't wait!!

Comcast HSI 8mb/2mb + speedboost $69.30/month

Ntelos 6mb/1mb $34.99 + phone bundle. Same price I used to pay for their 768kbup.down I save $35 a month!! I'm glad I'm back!


Update April 4th 2010-

This passed month there has been a crew in our neighborhood laying fiber!! So it looks like Ntelos is finally adding my neighborhood to their fiber network!! I can't wait until they get it up and running, I hope to be one of the first in our neighborhood to switch over from their excellent DSL service (so far ZERO downtime since the initial install) to their FIOS!

The crew laying the fiber cut into our neighborhood's gas line... so for a few hours one night we were without our gas heat... but after a couple of hours the gas company had it all patched up. I guess we were lucky that it was a windy night and that helped dissipate the gas so no real threat of a big explosion....

------update July 26 2011-----

So Oct last year I got a call from Ntelos that their fiber network is ready for deployment... I returned the call immediately and within 5 days I had a crew at my house wiring in the media box... great install crew! They had me up and running within 2 hours... Now I get consistent 6mb down and 2mb up... I might upgrade in the future, but I'm quite happy... and there was only a modest charge to upgrade $79 for the install and hardware and they gave me the first 3 months at reduced price. But the normal monthly price is the same as if I was still on DSL.

Very stable network... couldn't be happier!

------- update May 29 2014 ---

Last year sometime maybe sooner, I don't remember but the Ntelos network here was purchased by Lumos Networks... there were no issues with the change of ownership... not a blip... Last Feb, I called Lumos about upgrading my speed cap from 6/3 to 12/6. I made the call on a Thursday and by Friday they bumped my cap and was immediately able to see the increase in speed...WOW fast! That weekend however there were issues, no internet connection or phone... all weekend... a cell phone call made back to Lumos, it was discovered the rules on their server due to the policy change required a reboot of the switch I was connected to back in their office. Once they did that... we were back up and running... with zero issues since!

except for the couple of days without service that first weekend, I've had very stable speed and connectivity... Very happy! The cost... about twice as much as before, but to me its worth it... $79.90 a month- although not BLAZING fast, its the best you can do IMHO in this area of Virginia.

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