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Review by Aranarth See Profile

  • Location: Stanwood,Mecosta,MI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "If you do not have access to DSL, Cable, or LTE its better then dialup"
Bad "Its only better than dial up, expensive, low download caps"
Overall "meh, krogoth not impressed"
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Connection reliability:
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·Frontier Communi..
At the time we got it the choices were, dial-up, satellite, or nothing.

Connection is generally stable, there is some rain fade but its not that bad. On occasion DishTV is down but we still have internet connection. Generally if Wildlbue is down its a pretty good size storm going through.

When we first got it 7 years ago ping time averaged around 600-700ms and I could still play Everquest. Now ping times average around 900 to 1500ms sometimes as high as 2000ms and you can forget about any only gaming except for flash games.

I can't wait till we get DSL, or 4G. Unfortunately DSL is going to be by Frontier. I'm going to try out 3g/4g from millenicom and see what sort of service I get.

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A Holbert


stay away

Wild Blue or Via Sat are a crooked company and the internet is always freezing up.
You have to restart your comp. all the time.
They only accept payment through a credit cardThey keep taking money after contract is up and I returned the equipment and have proof of delivery and they still charged me for it. They need to be shut down.

Altavista, VA

Re: stay away

if your computer freezes, its your computer, not the internet

Utica, MS

Thanks for the Run

Thanks for the run away advice, I have had 6 hook-up appointments, and still don't have their service. I will stay with Hughes Net, at less they show up when they say they Will.