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Review by bobmepp See Profile

  • Location: Hastings,Barry,MI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Speeds so far are very fast (for satellite internet)."
Bad "The slow pings are there but not quite as slow as I expected"
Overall "Great service for my rural area where there are no alternatives"
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I had been suffering for two years with deteriorating mobile "broadband" hotspot service via a Sprint smart phone. Speeds were dropping, often to no better than dialup, and the straw that broke the camel's back was a newly imposed hot spot data limit of 5 gigs per month, when we had been averaging 8 gigs per month. Overages were to cost $50 per gig. Not workable, do I dumped it.

About the same time, I received a mailer for the new exede satellite being offered by Wild Blue. I guess the new name of the company is exede, although my dish has "Wild Blue" on it. I ordered the 25 gig per month service at $130 because I need some capacity overhead for my photo editing and web design businesses. I called a Wild Blue dealer in Battle Creek, Michigan, and arranged installation through them. This whole process went very smoothly, with the installer arriving on schedule and spending about a half hour with me discussing alternatives for the dish location, and doing a good job of explaining maximum wire runs allowable, etc. He really knew his stuff, and did an excellent install, with a proper ground connection and careful wire routing in the house. I absolutely cannot fault the install process in any way. It was a nice clear day, so he got full signal strength promptly, he demonstrated the connection speed with some HD video, and he was on his way.

Over the past three weeks I have been averaging 6 to 8 mbps down and 1.5 to 3 mbps up. Very little speed differences during prime time hours. Peak speeds have measured over 12 mbps. I did a download of a 150 meg video card driver in less than 5 minutes. Have done a download of a full album from Itunes and just a few minutes. Pings, as expected, have been about 850ms. These hurt script laden page loads where there are multiple calls back to the server during the load. Still, most web pages are there in 5 seconds or less. There have been two brief outages. I called the support line during one, and the person who answered spent 20 minutes with me, providing very useful information when I told him I was a new customer. The second outage was weather related, and was over in about 1/2 hour. I really can't fault anything about this service. If they don't overload the beam with too many users, this promises to be a great solution for me.

Update 9-9-2012: Things are continuing to go very well. I haven't calculated precisely, but my uptime has been excellent. Total outage time so far due to weather: about 6 hours in 60 days. No single outage has been more than 2 hours. Speeds are continuing to average 6 to 8 mbps down and 1 to 2 mbps up. I've measured a peak download speed of 13 mbps. I'm having the heaviest month of usage so far, but still have not used half of my 25 gigs, and this after downloading most of the large adobe apps. I am not foolish enough to think that streaming movies is a viable plan with satellite internet. Overall, I would give the same scores as my initial review.

Update 8-1-2014: I guess I'm lucky. I see a lot of extremely negative reviews, but I'm still getting decent speeds from about 5 to 20 megs down, with 9 being typical. The equipment has worked flawlessly and no service calls have been required. If you can accept the limits inherent to sat internet, and your experience is like mine, you will be reasonably happy with Exede. I'm happy I haven't had the negative experience of some of the most unhappy reviewers here. My use is limited to web browsing, updating & installing my large Adobe apps, downloading the occasional movie (between 12 and 5 am) via iTunes for watching the next day, uploading large images to my Adobe folder, and buying a bit of music now and then. Anyone will be very unhappy and probably angry if they expect to use it like cable internet, and that seems to be the cause of at least some of the bad reviews.

I forgot to mention that my upload speeds are a very consistent 3 megs, and the latency is generally about 800 to 900 ms. I experience slower download speeds of 500k to 1.5 megs on occasion, but so far this has been only about once every 45 days during prime hours - I'd be very unhappy if this got worse.

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Run, don't walk, away from this company! They are incompetent crooks & after reading all these reviews I see that they somehow get away with pulling the same scam, over & over. Like many others, when our contract was up and we could (hooray!) cancel our service, they were to send us a box to return the equipment. Equipment was sent back the very next day but they charged my credit card $316 for non-returned equipment! When I called (took 4 different phone calls), they admitted the equipment was received - just never got "logged in" at their dock - how is this MY FAULT??? Like others, they said my refund would take 12-14 days. In the meantime, this was my debit account and it caused bounced check fees with my bank. They assured me they would refund those charges - just fax a copy of our bank statement (account number blacked out), showing the charges. Well, this was on 6/17 and here it is 8/25 and I still have not received my refund - this is after faxing the bank statement 3 different times.... It is almost worth looking into hiring a lawyer - a company should not be able to continue in business like this.