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  • Location: Climax Springs,Camden,MO
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
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Had exede installed on 9/26/12, have had to call 6 times in less than 3
weeks. When installer came out, he didn't run new wiring, he used my old
hughesnet 2 cable wiring, and ran it into the one port wiring of the new
exede modem, leaving 1 wiring hanging. What I have experienced is exede
showing me using over 36GB in less than 9 days and after a reset 2 days ago,
they show us using over 14 gb in 1 day. This is absolutely impossible, we
do not stream movies or music, we do not use an online backup storage, we
have excellent virus software and a brand new secured router. When you call
these people they do nothing, it took 3 calls before they even set up a
service call to run the right wiring that the 1st installer was too lazy to
run. When I checked using last night a little after 11pm we had used less
than 200 mb, which all usage I have check is less than 200mb per day, as of
that time we had used a total of less than 500mb since the reset 3 days ago,
then I wake up today to over 14gb of usage, with the majority of it in
upload, which we have not done. We are low to med users, we pay bills, do
email, check face book and my husband plays words with friends, so the usage
they show is absurd. Could they even suspect that it has something to do
with old hughes net wiring, with separate upload/download connections. I
feel like I'm being ripped off!!!!!!!!! On my 6th call today, supposedly
they are fast tracking the investigation, somehow not buying it. If they
don't resolve it I'll have to take it up with FCC and attorney general, will
not be ripped off. Had hughesnet before for 8 years, their customer service
was awful, and of course exede said they were great when signing me up.
Bought the top plan for 25g for $130, expecting to never use it, but wanted
the experience of never having my speed slowed as hughesnet did if you
exceeded 200 mb a day, but unless they get to the bottom of this within the
next 72hrs, I would say, never use this service, hughesnet service may be
awful, but so is exede's in my experience to date, but at least hughesnet
didn't rip off my allowances, and with the new gen 4, you can get 40gb/month
at a lower price, so all things being equal on the suck meter, why not use
the lower priced gen 4. If I ran my business this way, I would have any
money to afford their program.

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lodged 2 years ago


Gulliver, MI

What if

You have an unsecured/bad secured wireless router and someone in the neighborhood is using your connection? Would that be possible?
Expand your moderator at work

Peoria, AZ

Re: What if

Most likely if it's the Upload that has been maxed out.

As to the 'fine for gaming', their own website shows its not good for gaming... it's amazing how they don't train their employees to be in sync with their details online.

As to WB, I was looking into this as I could have moved to an area that had no cable services... their 'sales' team had a few members that didn't care or did not have customer service experience.