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Review by rfj1862 See Profile

  • Location: Olivebridge,Ulster,NY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Nothing, really"
Bad "Works maybe 50% of the time, if I'm being generous"
Overall "Avoid if at all possible"
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Utterly unreliable garbage service. I’ve had it since September 2012, and it has been up and running at full speed maybe…maybe 50% of the time if I’m being generous.

The best thing that happened: A few months ago I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out why the service worked only intermittently. I called Exede repeatedly, and they kept claiming nothing was wrong. Finally, after extensive research I determined that there was an issue with their name servers, and promptly switched to Google name servers, which resolved that particular issue. As all Exede users are aware, about a month later they sent out an e-mail admitting the problem and apologizing, although I didn’t see a refund on my monthly bill for all the days the service didn’t work.

Of course, that’s not the only issue. Even on perfectly clear, nice days the system goes down for minutes or hours at a time, or it slows to the point where the internet is altogether useless.

Their extremely expensive service is utterly unreliable. I’ve lost thousands—maybe tens of thousands—of dollars in business because I don’t have reliable contact with the outside world. In short, if you are reliant on the internet, it is a *huge* mistake to move anywhere that requires satellite internet, particularly Exede.

I really can’t say enough bad things about Exede or their customer service. Truly pathetic. Exede richly deserves to be the subject of a class-action lawsuit, and local governments should be investing in decent infrastructure for rural areas so that higher-income knowledge workers can move there and support the local economy. Exede in no way is a satisfactory substitute for real internet service; in fact, it might even be worse than dial-up, which at least works 99% of the time.

I sure hope it’s working again tomorrow—otherwise my work is scr*wed…again.

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Have you considered a T1? They are not cheap and are pretty slow, but they do at least work. If you are losing money due to lost business, then a T1 may very well pay for itself.



Re: T1?

Do yourself a favor and move to Hughes Net. Wild blue is the worst on the planet



Re: T1?

HughesNet is just as bad or worse. Works only part of the time and as a student whose courses are through the internet this means I have been kicked out of tests, missed submitting assignments and generally been pissed most of the time. The lie in their ads and once you are a customer they treat you like crap. DO NOT GET HUGHESNET you will be going from one bad service to another.

Sprague River, OR
Hughes is exactly like wild blue. Be prepared to be on hold forever and when they can't solve your problem. They transfer you to someone else and suddenly you get the dial tone. LOL




I dumped HughesNet for WildBlue after an exceptionally bad customer service experience (they would not let me get Gen4 service because I was a business customer). Unbelievably, WildBlue's Exede service is worse than HughesNet and their customer service has basically abandoned me. Any reports you read about not being able to connect to certain websites are absolutely true. I have had a trouble ticket open for almost a month because I can't connect to several California government websites, many of which I need to e-file business taxes required for my business. They say they don't block sites, but their technical issues have the same effect. And don't go for that "contact WildBlueListens@viaset.com" crap because they don't listen and I got an absolutely ludicrous response given the details given in the message I sent them. They suggested I contact technical support--and the lack of response I had gotten from contacting technical support was the exact reason I had used that e-mail address (at the suggestion of the WildBlue Facebook team).



Re: exede

Horrible,horrible . I dislike this company VERY MUCH! 6 hrs waiting on hold almost the hour after installation over 2 days!!!!!!!!!!! If this is not resolved I will take legal action. Anyone want to join me? No service ,crappy weak signal, wrong area code in their records.different information from different operators. wants to now charge me to come back out 95$. Absolutely the worst!i agree completely with jetson
Exede Nick

Davenport, IA

Exede Service Concerns

You should not be experiencing downtime as much as what you stated above. I would be happy to investigate this concern for you in order to provide some resolution for you. Can you please send me an email at exedelistens@viasat.com with the name and phone number that are on your account with us. I will follow-up with you to resolve this as soon as possible. Thank you.