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Review by RandyH See Profile

  • Location: Decorah,Winneshiek,IA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "When it works its good"
Bad "usage meter not reliable and bandwidth gone for no reason"
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Live in the boondocks so either dialup or Wild Blue/Excede..We got Excede through local rec coop and install was on the 25th a Friday,Had troubles from day one getting online connected so the tech came back Monday the 28th and put in a new modem,Fixed it.
Strange though that with little use 1 Gig was used over that period.
Now 2 days later when not even using the connection 6 more gigs showed on the usage link they gave me..So something is very wrong,My PC is clean and heavily secure.

49.99 for 10 gigs a month would be fine as we still use the dial up for much of our web use.

If they don't fix this bye bye Excede!

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Tallassee, TN


I live deep in the woods of E. Tenn. and I switched over from the old HughesNet (which, by the way, the Excede/Dish rep told me had been bought by Wildblue but that they were keeping them as discrete entities) because the speed was so poor on HughesNet and Exede promised to be a huge step up in bandwidth capability. It is much faster but they have such a low allowance of bandwidth per month that it is virtually useless for any of the activities associated with normal high speed internet. If you download or stream 3 or 4 movies you're toast and your speed is hobbled back to dial-up speed until the end of your monthly billing cycle. But you're still paying, in our case, full price or about $80 a month for Exede as though you actually had broadband which you don't. I allow myself, now, about 10 minutes of streaming, typically youtube, per day in order to finish out the month with full bandwidth. Early termination is $17.50 per month left on your contract which would be about $250 for us, but since we're paying almost $200 for the bundle, it will still save us some money if we decide to terminate.
I recently tried to view my contract online, couldn't find it, and by phone was told it was not accessable online. They are sending me a snail mail pdf, upon my request, of my updated contract, for my files, and I could tell they were curious as to why I wanted it.
Excede/Wildblue/Viastat also seems to have some strange bedfellows when it comes to bundling with either Dish or Direct TV services. It's is also interesting that all billing and tech. services are done through Dish, at least in my case.
Once your initial 3 months of reduced fees and free hardware rentals are over, you will notice a big bump in your monthly bill.
All in all it's like being treated like a second class citizen in a world where our country is going down the tubes in regards to our competitivenss around the world. I think I read that a Korean 3rd grader has 50 times the bandwidth of a Harvard grad student. Please join and let's get to work dragging ourselves into the 21st century.

Decorah, IA

Re: Exced/Wildblue

Yes its no wonder they rate at the bottom of the barrel for customer service and satisfaction.

Some day they will be replaced by someone more professional.



Re: Exced/Wildblue

I agree with everything that was said. They have terrible service. I asked to see how my bandwidth was used so I can figure out my usage and they wouldn't even reply to me. They say that you can have free usage from 12 to 5 in the morning. Forget it. It is so slow that it is constantly reloading. They are a big rip off company and if you have a choice go with another company.
Exede Nick

Davenport, IA

Service concerns

If you still have concerns regarding your service from Exede, I would like to get those resolved for you. Can you please send me an email at with the name and phone number that are on your account with us. I will investigate any concerns and follow-up with you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Decorah, IA

Re: Service concerns

Sure will Nick

I will too Nick! Thanks for the offer of your one else at Exede or Wildblue or Viasat would even acknowledge there was such a thing. Just changed the dang subject repeatedly. Awesome. I'm pretty much about to just stop paying for this garbage, changing any account info you may have and then suing you all for breach of contract, false advertising, etc... I mean, really? 0.22 Mbps after I've purchased additional gigs in my first 2 days of service? That's how I knew that it really wasn't me, it actually WAS YOU. rip off. RIP OFF. Thanks for the email.