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Review by GARY12334 See Profile

  • Location: Sprague River,Klamath,OR
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Overall "buyer beware"
Pre Sales information:
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Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

If you are prepared to wait on hold forever and when you finally get through they dont seem to know what to do then wild blue is for you. Also make sure they e mail your contract to you before the installation. Because you won't be able to talk with that agent again. (THE SERVICE IS HORRIBLE)

Gary in Oregon

member for 2.1 years, 3 visits, last login: 2 years ago
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dar is mad


I agree

People at Wildblue only care about the mighty dollar, the service suxs, and then to tell you WE WILL GET OUR money you owe if you cancel from the card they have on account, Well dont let them get to you or anyone, talk with your congressman, representative, attorney general of all that has been done to you and that there should be something done about the tacts they use and the lies they tell, just to get your business



NO Customer Support!

I just had Wild Blue installed believing that I would get at least HALF of the stated DL speed they promise. NOT!
The fastest mbps that I could get is 2.60, TOPS!!!
To make matters worse, they have NO Customer Service.
No matter what time you call, you have at least a 45 minutes wait time per their recording. The real wait time is at least 2 hours and 20 minutes, which is the time I waited 5 times before hanging up!
Don't waste your time or your money on these con artists. The intent may have been there, but the results say otherwise!

San Andreas, CA

100 Percent Correct

You guys is absolutely telling the truth about WildBlue/EXEDE that is 100 Percent correct about this company. WildBlue/EXEDE is the WORST Satellite Broadband company that is a rip-off and deceiving company. FCC should do something about this company. They are charging us hefty amount of money each month but we are not getting the right internet services because of threshold and bandwidth usage. Whether we buy the average plan packages and not getting the kind of speed we should have in our bandwidth is USELESS because they are controlling our usage at their end. They should be fined for conducting illegal ways in business transaction with their customer unless FCC is tolerating this matter.



Re: 100 Percent Correct

I agree, my service is so slow. My due date is the 24th of each month I pay my bill on time. After two weeks of service every month I receive multiple emails advising I have exceeded my 10 GB monthly allowance. This is not true some weeks I don't even hardly use the internet, however I still use up my monthly allowance.

I have called a spoken with customer service and technical support nobody seems to know what's going on there. They sounds like they make up excuses as you ask questions, and some of there answers don't make sense. Unless I'm downloading a lot of movies, or watching a lot of movies on line there is no reason or way I can use 10 GB in two weeks time, even if I was on the computer day in day out.