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Review by tindari See Profile

  • Location: Colville,Stevens,WA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "It's almost like having an internet connection in a rural area."
Bad "Dial-up is more reliable by far. This service is abysmal."
Overall "Don't waste your money."
Connection reliability:
Value for money:

First and foremost, I did not buy or install this service, so I can't rate pre-sales information or install coordination. I am house-sitting for a friend who already had this service. I have no idea how honest they were with him or how good the installation went.

WildBlue is by far the worst service in terms of reliability that I have ever had the misfortune of experience. I find myself struggling to describe how abysmal, wretched, terrible, frustrating, aggravating, and ridiculously unreliable this service is.

During the process of searching for WildBlue on DSL reports, my connection went down. Resetting the satellite modem takes about ten minutes before the connection is restored.

Once that was done, I then tried to log in to DLS reports website and because I have not reviewed for a long time, my password needed to be reset, which involves me logging in to my webmail to reset it. WildBlue went down -again- during that process, and it took me another ten minutes to reset my DSL reports password.

After twenty-five minutes, I was able to log in to DSL reports. and begin writing this review. The connection has reset a third time and I have now spent forty-five minutes and have only managed to get this far in the review. I haven't managed to complete a google search to find out what zip code I'm at either.

In the last 48 hours that I have been here, I have noticed that during the daylight hours, the connection will drop for 8 to 20 minutes frequently, sometimes as often as five minutes after reconnecting. During the night hours this seems to only happen twice.

Websites are incredibly slow to load when they do load at all. If it is an HTTPS connection, it takes even longer. Trying to watch an online video, such as a short (4 minute) YouTube clip might take five or six tries, because of how slow this service is to buffer and because of the terrible latency and packetloss that it suffers.

At about 7 am this morning I began a continuous 1 byte ping to www.yahoo.com (ping -t -l 1 www.yahoo.com). It is now about 1 pm and here are the results. The data are self-evident:

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 9776, Received = 8765, Lost = 1011 (10% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 671ms, Maximum = 3914ms, Average = 1893ms

And that doesn't give you an idea of the myriad "Destination net unreachable." messages that I got while waiting for reconnection either.

Keep in mind that 10% packetloss over a five hour period does nothing to describe the aggravating 10 to 15 minute losses of service you'll see. I've lost service twice more while writing this review and I will be copying and pasting this into a notepad document just so that I can manage to post this review before the service goes down -again-.

I am probably failing to describe just how annoying it is to deal with this service.

Dial-up is more reliable. Dial-up may be slower, but at least with dial-up you -have- a connection that you can count on to be slow.

I haven't even gotten into the latency issues. 1 to 4 second delays with an average of 2 makes -any- form of activity requiring a stable connection to be a waste of time.

It has taken me nearly an hour to write and submit this review, when I could have done it in five minutes at my own home.

WildBlue is charging customers exorbitant amounts of money for something that is truly worthless in terms of reliability.

The data limits are another story. The plan these folks have is a rolling 30 day plan. WildBlue monitors their data consumption and places a 17,000 MB cap on their download and a 5,000 MB cap on their upload. If at any time in the last 30 days, either value is exceeded, their speeds are throttled to 128 kbps down 56 kbps up or their service may even be terminated temporarily. It can take up to 24 hours to get the service restored to full speed, and only when the previous 30 day total remains lower than those values. A fresh installation of Windows and a few installations of essential programs could potentially force you to pay inflated broadband prices for what amounts to a terrible dial-up connection for a full month.

If you have any plans to use Peer to Peer software, do any Online Gaming, Video Streaming, Online Data Backups, Cloud Storage or use of Dropbox, FTP, or any other form of filesharing for more than anything but small file size text files, find a different service.

If all you care about doing is checking your e-mail after the sun goes down, and you're willing to drop over $80 a month to do it, then this facade of a "service" is for you.

By the way, I lost my connection while posting this. So in the time it took me to begin the process of reviewing this ISP here at this website, I was disconnected 6 times.

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Spokane, WA

Post Script (After an hour, I got a speedtest result)

Right after I posted the review I realized that I missed a speed-test results. It only took me a half hour to take the speedtest and get a result that would "share" properly and another half hour to actually post it here. (I disconnected twice while trying to test and three more times after testing.)

Speedtest.net test:

»www.speedtest.net/result/2588130 ··· 0905.png

"Best server" chosen by ping time. 3265 kbps down and 79 kbps up.

To further expand upon how absolutely terrible this service is, between the hours of 11 am and now (2:20 pm) Iv'e spent more time waiting for the satellite modem to re-establish a connection than I have actually being connected to the internet service.