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Review by IowaMudRider See Profile

  • Location: Montrose,Lee,IA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "3mbps legacy good if nothing else availible"
Bad "17gb data limit high latency and price"
Overall "if theres nothing else avalible look into the new exede plans"
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·exede by ViaSat
i had wildlblue sat service for about 4 years and it was decent. the thing was pretty reliable and never needed a repair once while some gear i had for dish network tv service i had for the same period of time had gotten out of alignment. only problem is the service is heavily capped and the cap on the legacy service was a rolling cap so it made things really confusing and hard to keep track of. it also went down in bad weather but it is satellite thats one of the limitations. i switched to millenicoms 50gb sprint package and so far so good despite some initial hiccups.

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Exede Eliza


Exede 12 service

Hi IowaMudRider,

Thanks for posting about your experience with the Wildblue service. I know that you mentioned that you switched to a different ISP.

I just wanted to let you know that the new Exede 12 service that we have available has done away with the rolling 30 day cap. It now resets on the same date each month. The new service also offers an un-metered time frame every day between 12 - 5 am called the late night free zone. The data plans are 10gb $49.99, 15gb $79.99, and 25gb $129.99.

If you are ever interested in getting more information in the future, please visit us at www.exede.com or feel free to email us anytime at exedelistens@viasat.com.

Take care

big jon


Re: Exede 12 service

I have had wildblue for about 3 months now and I have had nothing but problems with them from set up to every month bills, the customer service reps are very rude and talk to you like you are a piece of trash, I would much rather go without internet then have to deal with a company that don't care about there customers. I will be changing companies once my contract is us.

Tim Wills Point, TX

Larion K


Re: Exede 12 service

I had Excede & Wildblue it was the worst thing I ever did was to sign up with the company. The service was awful like eating wet bread and the Customer Service sounded like they were on Cocaine and had just come back from a Funeral. I dread the memory of them. Please be aware of these expensive Con Artists with all bark and no bite!

Billy Louisn

ou sheych tTeh gf Hi oyI have had the exede service for 7 months now!! At first there were few problems but recently problems have happened!! The late night free zone is fine but IF you are charged the usage anyway there is nothing you can do--the usage is lost and exede will not replace it!! They tell you to capture your usage before and after the free zone so you can prove it to them that you did not use the usage!! That puts the monkey on your back and I have lost many Gig of usage recently due to this problem!! At first they said they would have Tech support contact me but after waiting 2 weeks no one called so I called them back!! They said NO ONE was going to call because I had no proof even though the spike in usage was after midnight (according to them). The customer service person said I would have to send them proof of being charged usage after midnight to get replacement gig!! He says his tools do not allow him to see the usage and when it happened, only that it was day or evening!! Sounds like a VERY SORRY metering system to me!! Seems in this day of High Tech these people ought to know exactly when your usage happened be able to return any that happened after midnight!! This may be intentional to get you out of usage so you have to pay $10 a gig for more Anyway Exede puts the monkey on your back to PROVE that the usage happened during the free zone and will not replace it until you do so!! Another thing---When I first signed up I asked about usage that was NOT used at the end of your period and they said it was lost!!! WHY? WHY cannot some of that lost usage be kept in an account for you for when you run short!! LIKE phone minutes!! I have asked about this several times and the customer service person said it was a good idea and they would have someone call me---They were just blowing smoke up my butt as no supervisor ever called and I won't hold my breath waiting either!! This company is all about MONEY and squeezing as much out of you as possible so beware!! I am installing my own metering device within my router to double check these scam artist and keep them honest IF POSSIBLE!! Billy!! Louisiana!!!