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Review by poolek See Profile

  • Location: Austin,Travis,TX
  • Cost: $15 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "Lots of features, great price, responsive tech support"
Bad "None"
Overall "Great Service, Crappy referral rewards program"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Still working fine, though I have had a couple of occasions where the DTMF tones were not being recognized, prompting a ticket submission for resolution. The price is reasonable and I love the routing options.

Still working fine. We're not heavy users, but I've noticed no down time and the feature set is more than comprehensive enough to cover my needs. Will be extending my service when my current plan is up.

All continues to work well. No real complaints. The service is stable, the feature set is rich and the price is more than fair. I've been a VT customer for 3 years now and am quite pleased.

Viatalk continues to work well for me. I'm not a big fan of the 'extra' charges that keep popping up, but can't complain about the service otherwise. We're back in the US now and the phone service continues to work well.

Viatalk continues to work well. I took a long-term business assignment overseas, and took the adapter with me. It has worked perfectly and saved myself and my family tons on international long distance calls. Features like programmable Do-not-disturb allowed me to work around the time-zone differences to ensure my phone wasn't ringing at 2:00 am. I just recently added another year of service.

That said, I'm tempted to remove my review. Viatalk has had a 'Get Free Service' promo where you get a discount on service based on referring new customers. Only problem is, they won't let you use that discount on renewal offers - only on list-price stuff. So, the end result is that the thing is worthless. Since Viatalk doesn't value my recommendations, I figure I should delete my positive review. However, I like DSLReports and hopefully my content will be useful for them.

So, in short - good VOIP service, crappy referral rewards program.


I've had Viatalk for over a year now, and it's as close to perfect as I can expect from voip. The phone works every time I pick it up, sound quality is great, they keep adding features and my bill is stupid cheap. I don't know what else to ask for. It's been one of the better purchase decisions I've made in the last year.

We had our first child last year and I decided to switch back to DSL with the mandatory basic landline for use as a 911 outlet for additional peace-of-mind whenever we have baby sitters. It makes me smile each time I recieve my ATT bill and see that I'm paying more each month for 20 local calls with zero features than I do for unlimited calls with more features than I can think of with Viatalk.

I've had Viatalk for about 6 months now. The stability has been fine - I don't recall a time the phone didn't work. Viatalk has continued to add features and has addressed all of the 'rough edges' I'd mentioned in my first review - I can access VM by dialing my home number, the call logs have been reformatted, DTMF issues have been addressed, and they've added more and more new features. I almost miss the old voicemail lady now!

I have absolutely no complaints. The service has been stable, the feature set covers every need I have (and then some) and the price is 1/8th of what I was paying on average for POTS. Keep up the good work!


My number port went through a few days ago without any issue (22 calendar days after submitting the request), though porting numbers does require you to re-enter all of your settings (Voicemail prompts, Custom CallerID settings, ACR settings, etc), which is a pain.

Call quality continues to be pretty good. Possbly more inconsistent than Vonage, with a little more static - though I may just be listening for problems more attently now.

Viatalk added new regional servers recently. My ping times dropped by ~50%. I haven't noticed any change in call quality due to this, but it should help maintain quality in times of net congestion.

Customer Services seems overwhelmed right now. When my number ported, the configuration for VMWI got wiped from my adaptor. I submitted a TT to have the setting updated again and it's been open for 4 days now. I ended up chaging the setting myself and disabling provisioning to make it 'stick'. I'll re-enable provisioning when the ticket is finally closed. Not a big issue because the problem isn't a big deal - but I'd be upset if I were having real problems and had to wait 4 days for response.

Reliability seems ok. Calls continue work inbound and out. I've seen a few notices on BBR of Viatalk downtime, but either they've been on different servers, or were fixed prior to me testing the phone.

The 'Rough Edges' I mentioned in my prior review are still there, though the lady on the voicemail is starting to grow on me. Still wish I could access VM by dialing my home number. Still wish I could see how many minutes I've used against my 500 not counting outbound Toll Free.

Bottom line : It seems to work as well as Vonage, with all the features I need. The price is a bit cheaper, too. If they can get caught up on Customer Service issues, and maintain the level or reliability I've experienced, I'll be a happy customer.

I'd used Vonage for a few months, but lack of name on outbound callerID became an issue, so I decided to search for a new provider. I ended up going with ViaTalk based on the price of their 500 minute plan, availability of the feature set I wanted and overall positive feedback I'd seen on this site.

I signed up for the 12 month 500 minute plan, got 2 months free and used the DSLREPORTS coupon. Add in the $10 shipping charge, and that comes to about $8.50 a month - about half of what I'm paying for a similar Vonage plan.

I ordered late on a Tuesday, had the account set up and number assigned on Friday and the adaptor was here on Monday. I plugged in the adaptor and had dial tone in less than a minute. Inbound and outbound calling worked just fine. I forwarded my Vonage number to the Viatalk account and spent a couple of weeks evaluating the service.

The Good Stuff:

Call Quality: Call quality is the same as Vonage - which means it's as good as or better than the POTS line it replaced. I've also never experienced any of the nagging little issues that I occasionally had on Vonage - such as not hearing the called party for the first couple of seconds of the call, voicemail indicator getting out of sync, etc. The service just works.

Features: Name on Outbound callerID works as it should. I notice more people answering my calls now. Custom CallerID is an excellent feature that I never thought I'd use. ACR falls into that category as well.

Tech Support: My VMWI light wasn't working when I first installed the adaptor. I submitted a ticket to Tech Support and the issue was fixed within an hour. They also provided me with the admin password for the PAP2. I don't really need it, but it is nice to have.

Presence on BBR: I love that Viatalk maintains an active presence on BBR to facilitate feedback on their product. It's also awesome to see that they actually take that feedback and improve their product based on it. I can only hope they can maintain such a 'grassroots' feel as they grow.

The Rough Edges :

Voicemail: It's completely functional, but seems a step behind Vonage and other VM systems I've used. The voice prompts are very computerized and mechanical, some prompts suggest actions that don't work (ex: pressing '#' when leaving a message does nothing, though the IVR instructs you to do that), and you can't access your VM by dialing your home number.

Web Site: Works well, but some things could be improved. Call logs are all based on EST time. If you're not on the east coast, everything will be off. Time used on outbound calls doesn't account for usage of toll free numbers not counting against your 500 minutes, so if you call toll-free often, the total time used feature isn't very useful. You log in using your phone number, so when you port a number, you have to set everything up again.

Features: I haven't been able to get Call Recording or Call Transfer to work. I don't use the features, so I haven't bothered to submit a trouble ticket to see if I can get them to work.

Still to be seen :

Reliability: So far the service seems pretty stable. I had one time where I tried to call and the call didn't seem to go through. I made the call using my Vonage account and everything worked. I tried again a few minutes later on Viatalk and it worked there too. May just be coincidence, but I have been spoiled by the stability of my Vonage account, so I'm sensitive to things not working. Otherwise, things have worked as expected and I've had no known downtime.

My Bottom Line:
I'm quite pleased. The things that I listed as 'Rough Edges' are relatively small issues to me and don't diminish from the usability of the service as a landline replacement (though I would like to see them addressed one day). Add in the additional features, strong tech support, willingness to improve service based on feedback and better price and I find Viatalk to be a better choice for me than Vonage - assuming the reliability is similar. Time will tell on that, but it looks promising so far. I’ll follow up in a couple of months.

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