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Review by mogulman See Profile

  • Location: Parker,Douglas,CO
  • Cost: $13 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Tech Support US Based, Good. Ticket Tracking System. Web interface. Inexpensive. Pretty reliable VoIP service"
Bad "Tech support isn't 24/7"
Overall "Good Telephone service for the money. Lots of features. Mostly Reliable. Not for a newbie."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Update 3/2012
Still working well. Better then my other line on another VoIP provider. I just renewed for 2 more years.

update: 11/2011

Service has been really good since last review. No real issues. I think MWI (Message Waiting) is still slow to get cleared, but otherwise service has been really good.

update: 9/2010

For the past year..everything was working great until a few weeks ago. MWI light and a few dialing problems. I called a support ticket and I think it has been fixed. I renewed my service.

I'm considering adding another line, but want to try some more next week and see if everything is resolved.

Update 7/2009

Haven't updated in a while so I thought I'd give it a go. I had some intermittent issues with Voicemail waiting indicators about 2 months ago. Otherwise, call quality and features have been good for me for the last 6+ months. Voicemail waiting indicator problem hasn't resurfaced either.

When the problem was happening with VMWI, I believe it was something with VT or with my ISP. I was never able to nail it down. I changed a bunch of settings and talked to tech support and magically things got fixed. Hopefully the issue won't come back. Either way it wasn't a major issue.

Features/quality for price is still great for Viatalk for me and my family. I still wish the service was more of a plug and play without needing to call support. If this was the case it would be more suited for non-techie people.

Update: 3/26/08

VT is still really good. I got moved to their new control panel. It is pretty nice after getting used to it. There are a couple of features I wish they would bring over from the old one.

Reliability has still been pretty good for me over the last few months. The main issue people seem to have is with certain servers, and then having to be switched to different servers. I haven't experienced this though.

I believe VT is still not the best for non-technical users.

I think if VT did the following:
-Increased their reliability/handling of Proxy Servers
-Made it easier for people to join with hardware that is pre-configured for what users want most (VMWI, Better Dialplan).
-Maybe provide an ATA that can sit in front of a home router...
-Made some minor tweaks to their control panel

They would be able to get more novice users onboard without as much problems.

Update: 2/11/08

Viatalk Customer Service has improved greatly. I've had great response lately. As good or better then any services I have (Internet, Phone, etc). Call quality is still very good. VT has made a very good effort at improving their image and quality. My service current 2 year term is expiring in April. I've signed up for an additional year.

Updated: 1/22/08

Service has been pretty reliable for me for that last 6 months. Support has been good too. My contract will be running out in about 3 months. I'm trying to decide if I want to renew or not.

The only issue is that now Viatalk is adding about $3.50 per line/month for fees. So this brings their price up a little higher. I really need to either pay a single yearly fee or pay monthly. I can't pay both. I'm considering trying other providers like Voicepulse.

I've had Viatalk service for approximately a year. I had Vonage server for a few years before that. I have 2 lines with Viatalk.

When I first signed up for Viatalk the sign-up process was pretty easy. I signed up on the web. I got my account information and devices within a few weeks of signing up. I understand that this period is normally quicker, but I signed up when there was a big promotion going on, so they were extremely busy.

I received 2 Linksys PAP2 devices for my phone lines. One for each line. The service didn't work immediately with me just hooking up the devices. On Vonage, the devices worked out-of-the-box. I called Viatalk tech support and they helped me through some configuration changes and I was up and running. This took less then an hour. During my number porting, one line ported quickly and easily. The other line was stuck for a little while. I had to make numerous calls to Vonage to get the port to be finalized. Vonage hadn't completely released my line from their system so my 911 service was messed up on that line. This was a Vonage problem and not Viatalk.

For the first 3-4 months I had phone service with Viatalk, the service was a little flaky. I would say I ran about 85% of the time without any issues. The issues that I did have were not severe, most of the time. I did have a couple of times where call forwarding wasn't working correctly. I also lost some calls. To be honest, I was almost ready to ditch the service, except the price and tech support at Viatalk was really good. All the tech support people have been really good at Viatalk.

Anyway... about 4 months into my service they added redundant servers into their system. This helped greatly with the uptime/quality of my service. They also added options and fixed some options on their site. For the last 8 months my service has been really great. I've had maybe 5 times over the last 8 months where I have had any type of downtime. They have all been for less then a few minutes.

Viatalk has listened to its users and added features. They have also modified existing features and made them better. There are tons of features with Viatalk service. The price is right. They also give you complete access (username/password) to your phone devices if you want it. I'm a geek so I enjoy looking at that stuff. Vonage would never give users access to their devices.

I'd say the best things about Viatalk right now:
1. Value
2. Tech Support - and the ability to track any tickets that you create
3. Call Quality/Reliability
4 Features

Things that could be improved on Viatalk (not much):
1. PAP2 devices are still provisioned and sent to users with pretty generic settings. Viatalk should come up with a better pre-set profile on their devices so users don't have to tweek as much. This includes timezone settings, Dialplans, and Ringer settings.
2. Some parts of the web-interface could use some improvement. Maybe a little extra speed in the web-interface and voicemail

My whole household uses the Viatalk service and my wife (non-geek) has been pretty happy with the service.

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