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Review by iLive4Fusion See Profile

  • Location: Helena,Shelby,AL
  • Cost: $24 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Exellent Call Quality, Caller ID, standard features are great"
Bad "CS may sometimes have a bad attitude, but you will find that in any company."
Overall "Overall they are a wonderfull VOIP company that offers alot"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

I ordered ViaTalk and selected the rush order and service was set up within hours of my order. I used the BYOD credentials so I can use the service until my free Pap 2 adapter comes. They have had problems routing my 911 calls to the right place but assured me it will be fixed soon. The call quality is very crisp and clear. I would reccomend this service to anyone.

Update : July 14, 2007

I have recived my adapter by Priority mail today and I now have 2 phone lines. The service is crystal clear and very reliable

Update November 28, 2010 - I have discontinued services with ViaTalk, the service was great even though I found the CEO to have an attitude sometimes but I have a UVERSE from the phone company for 911 and my Alarm and have unlimited minutes on Verizon Wireless so I have no need for VOIP.

Update : July 17, 2007

I spoke with a customer service rep about E911 and he was very rude and unprofessional. He said I do not like your tone which is very out of line for a service rep. One rule in bussiness is you NEVER argue with a customer. I think he needs to change his attitude or find another career. I guess you will find rude rep.s in every company though. I am not bashing, I just really did not have a good experience with the rep. Everything else is wonderfull though.

Update: July 31'st 2007

Well everything is well now, sound quality is great, CS finally pulled through for me was were very helpfull and have gotten my E911 routed to the correct 911 center.

Update: September 3, 2007

Well my adapter's line 2 port has gone out now and I opened a ticket via priority support over 2 weeks ago on August 18'th and no response! If they can't even respond it shows how much of a devoted support team they have.

Update : September 9, 2007

Ok well I have pm'd VTbrendan and not help from him. My support ticket is not being responded to again. I think I should just give up all hope on VT and switch companies

Update : December 3, 2008
So I have a major house fire and my adapter is ruined and I want to get started using the service again. But I can't afford a new adapter at this point in time and I am paying them a lot every month and they are too greedy to send me out a free adapter. Here is their response to me wanting a new adapter

"====== Please reply above this line ======

Adapter lost in House fire

Hello ,

I'm going to agree with the fire marshall and recommend that you do not use the adapter if it is covered in an inch of soot; I was merely commenting on your account's registration status as requested when this ticket was opened. Unfortunately, we will not be able to send out a free replacement adapter. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and please let us know if you have any additional questions. Thank you.

Via:Talk Support Supervisor"

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