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Review by shealyse See Profile

  • Location: Lexington,Lexington,SC
  • Cost: $16 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Constantly improving service and adding/tweaking features."
Bad "Not for the plug and go user. Beware of the buried monthly fees that tend to increase with little notice!!!"
Overall "Goog value and good service for me. Would recommend for a VOIP guru who likes to tinker."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

10/2011- Still with ViaTalk. Overall, service has been very reliable. Great features.

Well, I have been and extremely happy VoicePulse user for three years. Their service was very good, but they had become a litle stagnant for me. No new features/bells/whistles in quite a while (although their feature set was quite extensive to begin with). I was ready for something with a little more excitement!

I started watching the forums here at BBR and was impressed at the active involvement of the staff at ViaTalk (from the CEO on down). They seemed to be listening to their users about improving features and service. This really impressed me. VT started running a 2/year promo for $199 and threw in a second line as well (although it is not what most people consider to be a second line in that it does not have a separate phone number assigned). The deal was too good to pass up, so I made the order.

-It was not clear to me that the two lines would only work with their provisioned device. My initial order was placed for service with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). When I learned that I could not get the second line with BYOD, I requested a VT adapter and received it in two days.

-One of my first calls to VT tech support was to get the admin password for the adapter. This was a BIG selling point for me as most providers will not do this. I turned off auto provisioning and made several tweaks (things like RTP packet size, network jitter level and dial plan to name a few). When I had things like I wanted, I called tech support and had them add the changes to my device provisioning config on their end. If you don't do this, then the settings will be overwritten should you re-enable auto provisioning.

-There we a couple of issues with the second line related to outgoing caller id, checking voice mail and E-911. Tech support quickly resolved the issues. I learned that the second line was a new offering (with a few bugs). Things have been smooth since.

-For my first month now, call quality and service has been great. The two lines have been a nice feature as well. It is very convenient to be able to answer or make a second call if the wife or son is on the phone.

I would highly recommend giving VT a try. If you are a techie, you will certainly enjoy the flexibility with this service. The team at ViaTalk seems to listen to customers and strives to improve features. They actively participate in the VT forum here on BBR and do things like host live chats for questions and suggestions.

1/2008- Viatalk has remained very stable for me. I do not to try anything fancy with my PAP2T. I have been on Chicago-1f for quite a while now and it has been stable.Quality has been good. I have tried various VT servers before settling on this box. The two VT lines for the VT supplied adapter has been very helpful.

With all in all being well. I still have my VP line as I want to hang on just in case (at least for a little more time).

UPDATED 9/2008

Still rolling with ViaTalk. Like most, service was a rollercoaster for a while. VT has implemented new servers and a better way of processing the voice traffic. My call quality has been stable since the upgrade. I did have to slightly modify my DSL connectivity to eliminate a router double-NAT scenario.

VT implemented a new and improved Control Panel for account and feature management. There were a few glitches out of the gate, but it is working well.

I still say that VT is not for the average plug and go user. If you are a bit technical, then go for it. Also, beware of the buried monthly fees (subject to change at any time) that get tacked on the pre-paid plans. For this, my "Value for the money" rating has dropped one notch.


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