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Review by thefoxbox See Profile

  • Location: Irving,Dallas,TX
  • Cost: $9 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "It's cheap... $199 for two years (promo rate for 2lines plus $3 a month for federal charges)... Quality is good, when it works."
Bad "Blinking VM light on Uniden phones and SUPER LONG DELAY before connection unless you dial 1"
Overall "It works when it works, and it works well. Tech support is a massive joke."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Updated 1/1/2013: The home phone still uses ViaTalk. Their pricing has been competitive every year. The service is more reliable and more feature-packed than when we first signed up. Viatalk truly makes VoIP service ... sorta fun. (OK, so I get a kick out of sending rude telemarketers to the "blacklisted" message...)

Anyway, their pricing is great and we've been able to renew and get 18 to 24 months instead of just 12 for the same price and we've been with them since late 2007. I'd recommend them... Great unlimited service, although their international charges aren't nearly as competitive as they used to be...

UPDATED 2/24/2009: There may be a sudden influx of renewed 'satisfaction' with ViaTalk over the coming days. They just sent out a nice, long e-mail about how they have upgraded their networks, and wow! The response time is sick (as in amazingly good) in relation to response time over the phone (the time it takes for the other person to hear you and vice-versa). It used to lag and I used to be extremely hesitant to use the home phone. Now it's no problem. Also, the remarks about their customer service still holds reasonably true. If your bill is even one day past due (when my mother had her credit card info stolen and had to be issued a replacement that hadn't yet arrived), they cut off our service. The girl answering the phone didn't really give a crap. I guess that's what you get for $12 a month on average.

Main disadvantage: If you don't dial "1" before a number, be prepared to wait for 10-15 seconds before it even starts ringing... This is a severe annoyance since day one. They explained it to me a while back and it's ridiculous that no other company has this horrid delay, but the price is amazing.

Tech support (avg hold time) is supposedly now three minutes. I wouldn't hold my breath... Maybe 5-10. It's certainly a lot shorter as of late 2009 vs. late 2008.

Amazing price, though. Huge abundance of features... way more than the other three providers I've been with, including Vonage. They also have "labs" features similar to Google that you can sign up for and participate in. They also actively take suggestions from current customers.

Their web site has silly pics/names of the staff, but that's probably my biggest complaint.

-----------Previous Review-----------

These guy's tech support is as bad as Verizon's... but they aren't nearly as massive.

I have had this service since 3Q 2007.

The service is all right. I searched and have had at least three other companies, but this one was the best value. You get two phone lines for the price of one. That's pretty amazing in my book, considering that some companies charge the full price for another line even if you are already a customer.

The VM doesn't work right with Uniden phones and they are "aware" of this issue as of April 2008 (when I last spoke to them about it). [I believe this issue has been resolved since Q3 2009]. They were nice enough to give me the password to check the settings in the box that I got when I signed up to see if I could adjust the settings. It didn't really help. It is working better than before. It just seems that at times, the voice mail light will not turn off even after new messages have been deleted. Sometimes, it's delayed.

I'm glad I got this service, and the international rates are pretty low as well. (Update since Q3 2009: The rates to the only country my mom calls internationally, El Salvador, spontaneously doubled, so you may want to make sure you aren't paying twice as much a month for international calls). I wouldn't go back to POTS anyday, and the discount far outweighs the disadvantages of this service.

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