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Review by intelp4 See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $36 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Good Value for Money. High Bandwidth Caps."
Bad "Customer Service. Options in my area."
Overall "TSI customer service got worse."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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Date: August 20, 2012

Two years ago, you were able to transfer both home phone and DSL without waiting time. Now, you have to wait between phone and DSL activations just because of Bell's bureaucracy enforcement on TSI

TSI knows that Bell can transfer both services in the same day (they did it before for me). However, TSI isn't willing to negotiate with Bell to have coordinated service transfer for me, but rather preferred to lose me as a customer. Despite apologies, I still cannot accept that I no longer cannot get a service change that I used to get before, just because of bureaucracy.

In the end, I couldn't have my service transfer coordinated without having to wait 5 business days between activating phone and activating DSL (provided that the DSL transfer will be smooth). I wasn't also be able to have dry-loop DSL workaround on a second pair due to technical issues. Thus, I ditched the DSL and signed up with Start's basic cable instead while keeping TSI home phone for now.


Date: July 13, 2012

Worst experience so far with the TSI customer service. Now I have to pay more ($110 vs $60 two years ago) for moving my service, yet wait for 5 more days before having Internet at my new address. Customer service agent had repeated continuously to me that there is 5 days waiting between activating the phone and the DSL, although I told that I already understood. I am not convinced since my previous move was smooth and without waiting.

I was told by TSI that I have no other option (aka take it or leave it). Bell had properly screwed TSI in this point since Bell customers can move their home phone and DSL on the same day.

While TSI still better than Bell, it will be a matter of time before TSI imitating Bell's customer service (and I do not mean the outsourcing). TSI is no longer welling to create solutions to keep long-term customers like me (which is one of the reasons why I left Bell to TSI for home phone service).

Although not finally decided, the only option I have, in order to keep my POTS phone without changing my number, is to ditch TSI DSL (the more profitable option for TSI in my area) in favour of Cogeco.

I lowered the rating for "Install Co-ordination", "Tech Support", and "Services". I couldn't coordinate my moving installation as I would like. I had to stay on the phone listening for excuses without TSI offering or creating solutions for me. They are welling to lose me instead of fighting with Bell to get my service moving smoothly.

With exception to Bell, I'd rather to be with ISP that in control, even if I have to pay more for that. A good ISP should NOT transfer their issues with other parties to their customers.

Hope TSI take this seriously, or they will keep losing their customers.


Date: Aug 25, 2010

Everything regarding the moving went smoothly. Connection reliability is now perfect.


Date: Aug 10, 2010

Things are getting messed up with Teksavvy specially the phone system. I wanted to move my phone and dsl to a new address. I called the accounting department, got long waiting time, got call dropped, had to call again, got another long waiting time, transferred to a technical support agent who said that I should call sales for move orders (I thought accounting people are responsible for move orders). Anyway, the technical support agent offered to do the move order and I agreed. I was shocked that he needed to manually copy my account details from one screen to another (Why does not Teksavvy have a good accounting system that links account details with move orders?). Due to the issues I am reading here, I asked the agent to date my move two days earlier from my scheduled move so I can take some actions in case I get screwed.

After placing my move order, the agent informed me that I will get a confirmation call within two days, which I didn't. I hope that my move order does not get screwed. Nothing but waiting for now.


Date: May 2007

I used to have Cogeco high speed pro (16Mbit down/1Mbit up). However, I suffered from their bandwidth capping, bandwidth sharing and end-to-end delay. I was usually having 1.5Mbit average download speed with them.

As I moved to a new apartment, I decided from Cogeco to any ISP that provides better services and no limitations. So I found Teksavvy and I read all reviews about it.

Before I decided to go with Teksavvy, I wanted to be sure of their technical support so I tested their knowledge with some specific technical questions and they replied me in professional way. Based on their reply I made my decision to go with them. Once I became connected to Teksavvy, the first thing I liked is the great end-to-end delay they have. I am connecting to websites as they are in my network. I did several trace routing and I found that they have more than one route and they are always routing me to the best one.

I am quite far away from my CO, so my line couldn’t sync better than 2.5Mbit/640Kbit, and both my SN margin and line attenuation are bad. The good news that I am utilizing 80% of this bandwidth which is great compared to my old subscription with Cogeco.


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TSI Keith

Issues with move

Hello again,

I understand your frustration at this situation. As we have discussed in the direct forum there is another option for getting the service up sooner (a temporary dry-loop line). I hope you can understand that with the extra cost and complexity that this would bring there is a reason our agents would not be offering this as a solution.

Rest assured we do still value you as a customer. If there was anyway we could get this done sooner for you, without the extra cost and concern of inside wiring, we absolutely would.