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Review by franklyong See Profile

  • Location: Canada
  • Cost: $31 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Speechless and 100% awesomeness"
Overall "200GB surpasses all companies atm."
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Install Co-ordination:
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My Other Reviews

·WIND Mobile
Customer Service is wayy faster than Rogers well all the details are clear i'm just waiting for my email to be sent to my dads email. The Sales was easy and i am going to buy the 2wire modem from CC for 20 bucks. I am moving from Rogers and i didn't want the issues with caps from Bell so i went for Teksavvy. So far so good but lets see.

Update 09/04/07

One happy customer here since my activation date isn't until tommorrow i'm actually activated. With better upload than my Rogers connection it's all good although my download seems to be slower although i'm not too concerned because i'm not supposed to be on right so free internet haha. :P Well their customer service is amazing like TSI Jason i talked to tonight solved all my questions tonight and also lets give him a break and let him eat some chocolate bars haha. :P

Update 09/08/07

Found out it was my mistake found a filter which was blocking full speed it is better now i am going to change my modem and try and get better speeds hopefully this all works out because Teksavvy is amazing for what they have done for my mistakes i'm soo sorry for my problems caused.

Update 10/21/07

Well the service is running amazing speechless after the 18th of september i just hooked up my trendnet router 108mbps and it's running amazing.

Update 02/17/08

Now to call teksavvy again to test their support syncing is weird?

Once again ongoing their support is amazing all their help and attitude are amazing every step of the way they will be with you and they have the best support in my opinion right now i'm awaiting bell which isn't teksavvys fault but it's nice to know a isp that will give updates not only give the superior tech support that we need.

Update 04/08/10

Got my home phone connected with teksavvy now i think i got switched to a IKNS remote. Running @ 2.6mbps/ 600kbps and called CSR two hours later got bumped back up to 4.2mbps/600kbps

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