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Six Month Rating

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Review by dtsang See Profile

  • Location: Toronto,ON
  • Cost: $32 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "early activation, excellent telephone and online (BBR) support, low cost"
Overall "great service"
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Install Co-ordination:
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I ordered TekSavvy DSL on the day my telephone line was connected. There was almost no wait when I called to order the Premium DSL service (at $29.95/mo). The ordering process was smooth, and I received my SpeedTouch 516 modem in two days, shipped by Canpar.

The service was scheduled to be activated in Sept 4 but I plugged the modem in on Sept 1 and found DSL sync - the service was online and working! Currently on a 3 Mbps/800 Kbps profile and I'm looking to get that raised.

Absolutely no problems so far.

EDIT: added local telco (Bell Canada)

EDIT 2 (Sept 4 2007): Profile raised to 5 Mbps/800 Kbps without me even calling! Maybe my order kicked in... or maybe TSI is really on top of things!

EDIT 3 (Oct 23 2007): Updated monthly charge to include GST/PST. Fully satisfied with service after almost two months. Keep up the great work.

EDIT 4 (Sep 30 2008): Still going strong after a summer deactivation and fall reactivation. I had some trouble with the SpeedTouch modem but some resets fixed it. Go TekSavvy!

EDIT 5 (Feb 30 2010): Moved service temporarily to an Ottawa location. The new line was very flakey, so I asked TSI to downgrade the speed. They called me the next day to see if the fix had worked. Although they called the wrong phone number (I had several on my billing profile), the fact that they were proactively checking their customers' satisfaction is remarkable, and speaks to the amazing customer service provided by TekSavvy.

EDIT 6 (Apr 2 2013): Continued customer with TSI (DSL GAS 7/1 and POTS home phone in Toronto). No issues; continued happy customer.

EDIT 7 (Aug 28 2013): We had a complicated move in mid-August 2013, with moving of POTS Home Phone service and a new activation of DSL. The move was seamless and we had almost no downtime; however, the new DSL activation was made on the wrong profile (DSL GAS 6/0.8 instead of DSL FTTN 7/1 which was requested). TSI MartinP was very helpful in rectifying the situation, and the upgrade from GAS to FTTN was successfully completed without incident. I continue to be a satisfied customer of TekSavvy.

EDIT 8 (Mar 7 2014): Still very happy with service, but a bummer that prices went up by a few dollars/month (from $24.99 to $27.99/month). Good value nonetheless.

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Old Martin

Happy Customer makes us happy!

Glad to see you are still enjoying our service after all this time.


TSI Marty
Chatham, ON

Your Review

Hey Dtsang,

Glad we got everything turned around and straightened out for you, if you ever need anything else just let me know! I am happy to help!



teksavvy bloodsuckers

i played 220 for an install on Aug 22nd it took ten days for a Rogers employee to connect my lines. A job that a kindergarten student can do. The modem i was given was not properly provisioned and i could not connection t to the internet. At this point i some to a manager and requested my install fee back due to lack of service. The manager said not going to happen.

That being the case I noted I wish to cancel. The manager tied me i could not receive a refund for setup only for returning.g my modem with a 25 dollar stocking penalty. I noted i was never oonline therefore i had never recieved service. The manager responded well technically sir your lines are live so we are providing you service so you will recieve no refund.

it has now been 28 days and i still do not have internet connection. Teksavvy robbed me of $220 and there is no tentative date for my modem swap.

Manager was a complete asshole who basically laughed at my plight. His only defense was "well you knew what you were getting into going third party. company should be fined by the CRTC for illegal interpreting the contract in whichever way suits them.