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Review by neko See Profile

  • Location: St Catharines,ON
  • Cost: $52 per month
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "4 years of outstanding service - VOIP works great, Internet fast & reliable."
Bad "none so far"
Overall "Overall, I am very, very pleased with the continued fantastic service from this brilliant home grown Canadian company."
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·TekSavvy Cable
** UPDATED 31May 2011 **

I have had Teksavvy Internet service for 4 years now, & it is as reliable as ever. No problems with my line; fast & responsive tech support via various channels (Direct Forum, Telephone, Email).

Having reliable Internet with true Canadian customer service, rather than outsourced overseas support from India, is a major plus for me. If problems exist, the home grown Canadian tech support are able to directly affect change.

My current VOIP service, via 2 separate providers, works flawlessly on my dry loop DSL service.

Overall, I am a happy camper. I am looking forward to higher speed offerings, via FIBE, with Teksavvy. They are a shining example of an honest, home grown, Canadian company.

** UPDATED 31 Jul. 2010 **

Please note the attached speed test picture below. The first one is my latest speed test; the second is from 2007.

It's been 2 years since I updated my original review, & I thought it best to let others know of my experience since then.

Other than notified downtimes by Teksavvy [posted to their web site regarding required maintenance from midnight till 6 AM] I have experienced no disconnections. My connection has been solid, full speed [5Mbit] & I have no complaints.

In 3 years of service I have had no poor speeds, & my VOIP service has been fantastic via Teksavvy Internet.

Unfortunately I can't give an updated review of their tech support; essentially because I haven't had any issues in the past 3 years - Another indication of the stellar quality of service I have received from Teksavvy in the past 3 years.

Overall, I am very, very pleased with the continued fantastic service from this brilliant home grown Canadian company.

** UPDATED 15 Oct. 2008 **

It's been so long since I first reviewed Teksavvy, I decided to update my comments,

After having used them for a while now, my Internet connection is still rock solid. I have had zero downtime. I get consistent 5 Megabit service, with no slowdowns. My VOIP works brilliantly. No billing problems. 200 GB a month bandwidth allowance. I really can't describe how nice it is to have such a wonderful company as my ISP.

If Teksavvy moved into the US, you guys would then see just how good they are; in Canada? Then do yourself a favour & move to the best ISP in Canada, with a gold award here at DSL Reports for their outstanding service.

** UPDATED 18 Nov. 2007 **

So I have had the DSL service from Teksavvy for over 2 months now. My speeds have *consistently* been over 5 Mbit every time I have tested them at DSL reports & I actually get a download speed of 640Kbs all the time, & with an upload of about 80Kbs.

Teksavvy recently changed their tiers to be $39.99 for unlimited & $29.99 for premium 200GB. I switched to the premium package & have been very happy with the change.

200GB bandwidth a month is fantastic for $29.99, It is more than I need. The other ISP's ( The BIG ISP's) charge way more for less bandwidth.

If you need extra GB on the premium plan, you simply buy 100GB for $10 a month. All in all, Teksavvy is a brilliant ISP. Read the reviews of them, if you don't believe me. They are great!

***** Original Review *****

So I was with Cogeco cable as my ISP for 7 years. Last month they introduced bandwidth caps onto their customers, at a measly 60GB per month. I immediately looked at alternatives & I was amazed when I found Teksavvy right here on DSL Reports.

Their price seemed good, their 5 meg service was exactly what I wanted & they offered an unlimited tier with absolutely no caps or any kind of throttling. So I was hooked.

I signed up online, but had to call in because I wanted to pay via online banking. Within minutes I had an e-mail reply from them giving me my install date, username & connection information, etc. I was pretty impressed at how fast it was.

The day came & a Bell tech showed up at my door to make sure my connection was working - I ordered dry DSL due to using VOIP.

So I disconnected my ethernet from both my PC & Vonage ATA from my D-Link router, & connected them to the 2 Wire DSL modem I had purchased from Canada Computers for $20. It worked within a minute of booting up the 2Wire modem & I was online. About another minute later my phone beeped & I picked it up & got dial tone.

I did a speed test & got 3 Mbit, which is ok for me. I have called in to tech support & after Bell does something to my line, they will look into the speed issue for me; it should only be a few days until that happens.

I was concerned my VOIP wouldn't work as well on unlimited DSl because of the higher latency, but it worked great. Works just as well as it did on cable internet, so I am very pleased.

I also ordered a static IP so I can access their news server. Having this is yet another bonus for me.

I will update this review when Teksavvy have a look at my line & hopefully improve my speeds, but at this moment I am very happy to have found such a high quality ISP so quickly after Cogeco cable decided to screw their customers with bandwidth caps.


Well looks like Teksavvy have worked their magic: My line now runs at 6 Mbit (640Kbs download speed).

So I am a very pleased customer. Fantastic!

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