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Six Month Rating

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Review by HiVolt See Profile

  • Location: Toronto, ON
  • Cost: $53 per month
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Honesty, great DSLR tech presence, Cable or DSL solutions, MLPPP support"
Bad "none for me at this time"
Overall "Great deals for either cable or dsl"
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My Other Reviews

·TekSavvy Cable
Update July 25/2014
No problems to report, my VDSL is running smoothly with the SmartRG modem i got last year prior to TSI offering them. I did reflash it with TSI firmware/config 6 months ago and its working just fine.

Update Dec 10/2013
Today marks my 6 years with TekSavvy, and I hope for many more! No problems service wise, and I always appreciate the honesty from Marc & the team on the forums!

Update Sept 26/2013
Finally Bell dropped the requirement to rent or purchase the Cellpipe or Sagemcom modems as of this month. After inquiring in the direct forum on how to proceed, I returned my rental Cellpipe to TekSavvy and my $8/month modem rental has been removed! I am happily using my own modem (Zhone 6652-A2) since April, 100% stable.

Update June 3/2013
No major issues with the service, only the fact that I've had to resort to finding my own modem that doesn't disconnect me or have other issues... Both the Cellpipe and Sagemcom have flaws in both stability and speed if you're on 50meg and use your own router. Sad part is, I am still forced to pay $8/month for the modem rental to Bell, for a Cellpipe modem that I don't use and that is obsolete in support and features, and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight. Not TSI's fault, there is some proceeding at the CRTC with regard to the VDSL modem certification, but they keep stalling and stalling, and nobody but Bell is able to source a modem that is compatible with the Stinger remotes...

Good thing is that prices went down a few months ago after the CRTC reduced Bell's capacity rates.

Oh, and the congestion to my remote was fixed maybe 6 months ago or more now, they added a second gig-e link to it. No problems with evening speeds now.

Update July 23/2012
Bell released the Cellpipe firmware fix today to the public. Firmware version is Some users were already on a beta test of it and it appears to fix the rebooting issue. I've switched mine to the Cellpipe from the Sagemcom, it fetched the ugprade and we'll see how it'll be over the next few weeks. Still congested in evening. That hasn't changed.

Update May 30/2012
I forgot to post an update since I've upgraded to 25mbps VDSL, during the March "free activation" promo. Installation of that went ok, though the tech that was supposed to install the POTS splitter came so late (almost at 9pm) and I told him to just give me the splitter and I installed it myself. But the fun issues started afterwards... FIrst, Bell sends the shitty Cellpipe modems for wholesale VDSL service, which either aren't proper firmware for Stinger remotes, or they have bad firmware bug that makes it reboot several times a day. These issues have been known for 6 months now, and still no official fix. I have managed to get my hands on a Bell Sagemcom modem, which is entirely stable. Modem issues aside, I also experience evening congestion, due to the remote on the street only having a single GigE feed, instead of two which most of them have. It's not THAT bad, drops to about 15-18mbps on heavy days when more people are watching FibeTV, which I suspect has priority over internet. I guess they'll upgrade it some day.

Update Feb 20/2012
Well, my first ever billing issue with TSI was when the February invoice came in. I was charged a $5 account change fee TWICE, for switching from Unlimited to 300GB package in January. They said that they would be waiving those charges only after Feb 2nd (when the new prices took effect), but not for those who changed in January, when the emails were sent out informing of the changes taking place starting February. They refused to credit the fee over the phone, and failed to notice that the fee was charged twice. I did get the fees eventually credited after posting about it in the forums. They handled this very poorly, as well as other announcements with regard to the Feb 2 changes in other plans.

Update Jan 25/2012
As of Feb 2/2012 the rates are going up thanks to the CRTC, so I've downgraded my unlimited to the 300GB package to save a few bucks. I haven't come close to 300GB in a long time, but just kept the unlimited package out of principle. Now that it's going up $5, no thanks.

Update Dec 2/2011
4 years with TekSavvy DSL! Still workin' great as usual!

Update Oct 4/2011
No problems at all, smooth sailing as usual. Coming up on 4 years with TSI DSL.

Update Nov 23/2010
I've not used my TSI DSL much since getting TSI Cable back in July, but I have kept it as a backup because cable was a bit iffy for the first few months. No problems with the DSL as usual.

Update April 4/2010
No major problems aside from a couple brief 10 minute outages in the past week due to that sneaky bug in the Juniper ERX blades dedicated to MLPPP. Can't believe its been 2 years since BHell throttled wholesale. MLPPP has been an amazing fix!

Update December 19/2009
Didin't update for a while, but there's no issues to report all is well! Still using MLPPP to evade the throttling, going on 1.5 years now.

Update September 4/2009
No problems!

Update June 28/2009
TekSavvy has added more capacity in recent months as well as dedicated hardware for MLPPP. All is well!

Update March 17/2009
No issues, still receiving great service from TekSavvy.

Update December 14/2008
Well, the CRTC decision came and went, and they sold out to Bell. They are supposed to rule on the subject of Net Neutrality as a whole for all ISP's in July. I'm not holding my breath, as we know big ISP's & content providers have deep pockets.

As for my TekSavvy service, everything's been great. They've have added more capacity & redundancy in the last couple months to handle the growing demand.

Update September 21/2008
No problems to speak of, all is well. The CRTC decision will be handed down October 31, I await anxiously and hope they will strike down Bell's traffic shaping. Until then, I'm still using MLPPP.

Update July 15/2008
No issues, everything working fine. Still using MLPPP to evade traffic shaping, as CAIP continues to battle Bell at the CRTC. I referred my cousin two months ago, one quick email to accounting and I got my referral credit applied!

Update May 27/2008
Well, some good news... As of a few weeks ago there has been a nice workaround for Bell's traffic shaping. MLPPP (MultiLink PPP) is working great with the help of some Linksys WRT54G router firmware modified by two determined forum members. Other methods of using MLPPP also exist, so read the forums, there are ways around the throttling!

Update April 16/2008
On Apr.9 my area became affected with the throttling that Bell has imposed on its entire wholesale ISP customer base. While this is obviously out of TekSavvy's control, I feel its worth mentioning here. TekSavvy & other ISP's that are a part of CAIP (Canadian Association of Internet Providers) are currently fighting this issue by filing a formal complaint with the CRTC. I fully support TekSavvy in their fight, and props to them for sticking by their customers!

Update March 13/2008
No problems, enjoying great service so far.

Update Jan 11/2008
It's been a month after the official switchover, and it's been smooth sailing!

Dec 10/2007
Woo, finally fully switched to Teksavvy! I've been using an unlimited login since about April '07, with very few issues.

I contacted TekSavvy mid November to schedule a switch, and provided them with a cancellation # from Sympatico. Sympatico cancellation was on Dec.9, and it was processed successfully and it looks like I've transitioned smoothly with no downtime.

I will update periodically as I have with my other ISP reviews.

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Customer service agents

The internet is great, tech support is good but the customer service agents there about as dumb as sh*t. They must not have very good training, always have a problem when we call in especially when transferring services to a new location.

TSI Andre
Got TekSavvy?
Chatham, ON


Thanks for updating your review

TSI Ashleigh
Chatham, ON


Hello Hi-Volt,

Thank you for the updated review. I’m happy to see you are still enjoying the service with your own modem.

Please keep us posted on your TekSavvy services.

Thank you
TSI Ashleigh - E-Services.
Authorized TekSavvy Employee

TSI Andre
Got TekSavvy?
Chatham, ON
Glad to hear its still smooth sailing!